‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 3: The First Kiss

In case you haven’t, read the first part: The First Meet,  and the second part: St. Joseph’s, before you read further!

On the road to Saddharma Sadan…

It was dark and he was waiting on the road that leads to the Saddharma Sadan – NIT’s girls hostel. He looked at his watch and it was not working. He looked again towards the gate but couldn’t find anyone except the guard.

Someone called his name from behind. He turned back and was thrilled to see her. She smiled and he smiled back at her.

“What took you so long to come and see me?”, he asked.

She took his hand into her’s and planted a kiss on his fingers. One touch of her completely energized him and he felt as if his heart was crushed by someone to the core. He loved that feeling. Continue reading


‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 2: St. Joseph’s

In case you haven’t, you can read the first part of ‘Diary of an Introvert’ : The First Meet before you read further.

10 June 1995

“I want to sit at the corner”, I said firmly banging my fist on the desk.

“I am sitting here. And Francina Ma’am told me sit here”, she fought back.

I couldn’t do much on hearing the name of Francina. She is a nightmare to us. I placed my bag in the drawer and sat in the middle of the bench. I hated it. I hated her. Continue reading

‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 1: The First Meet

23 December, 2009


“Are you sure?”

I gave a sarcastic look. He left the counter and started to flip through the cards on the table. After waiting patiently for a considerable amount of time, he returned back with my library card. It was an irritating ritual to carry out before the books are issued.

I sprinted towards the ‘Reference’ section to find the book I wanted. I placed it between the two large HR books in reference section so that nobody can find it. I missed the exact location of the book and cursed myself for my over-smartness. Finally, after a treasure hunt of 5 racks and hundreds of books, I found it. Continue reading

Who said I’m lazy? I’m just having ‘fun’!!!

One day, I was having one of the ‘dad-son’ conversations with my dad on the sands of Marina beach, Chennai. This time, we had got into a conversation about how ‘connected’ we are in this world today. He was telling me about the days when he used to call his friends through ‘trunk’ calls and how they used to write letters. It was entirely different from what we are experiencing now. He was telling me how there was a great sense of pride in having a telephone connection back those days and all of sudden, my ‘Samsung Galaxy s2’ glowed and vibrated with a message tone. My dad stopped speaking as I looked at the screen. He asked me what it was. I told him that it was one of my friends in Belgium asking me about the review of a recent movie. He was so fascinated that I could connect to a person thousands of miles away with a mobile. I said that ‘Internet is Fun’ , especially if you are on Vodafone. He wanted to get some ‘gyaan’ on this ‘Internet is fun’ stuff.

            This was one such opportunity that I didn’t want to miss because I was always at the receiving end of the ’gyaan’. I immediately unlocked my mobile and tapped on the customized opera browser. I opened Google search page and told him that I use this to find out whatever I want.  I showed him how this browser can list the frequent visited sites on my mobile.  Just then, a notification popped up on my screen. It was about my cousin commenting on my FB status. I tapped it and it logged me into FB. I replied back to her comment. I told my dad that his cousin in US has posted some pics of his new house. I opened his album and my dad looked at his new house pics. He also commented and ‘liked’ some of the pics. He was more than happy to have my uncle commenting back as he was also online then.  I asked if my dad wanted to speak to him. He said that an ISD call would be costly and he preferred to call him from landline. I smiled back and asked “Would you like to see him now?” My dad looked confused. I tapped the ‘Skype’ icon on my screen and within seconds, my dad was lost in sharing his experiences of “Internet is Fun” via video call. Meanwhile, I went to buy two Cornetto ice-creams from the ice-cream vendor.

             By the time I came back, my dad was looking worried and handed me the phone quickly as if it was ‘red-hot’. He told me that after finishing the call, he mistakenly pressed some bird image on the screen and it loaded something that made a lot of messages flow on the screen. I looked at the screen and it was my ‘twitter’ account page. I told that there was nothing to worry as it was just the tweets from my friends on twitter. I then took a pic of ours having ice-cream and uploaded it using ‘Twitpic’ app. He was amazed to see various things I could do with Internet access on my mobile. I told him that this magic was only because of the Vodafone internet packs. I also told him about the speed and the download charges. He was in a state of disbelief to know about how much less I had to pay for using the video call using skype few minutes back.

            He was very much interested to know more about how “Internet is Fun”.  He took out his Nokia1100 mobile to call my mom and tell her that we were coming a bit late for dinner. He couldn’t connect as he had no balance left in his account. I told him that I would recharge his mobile then and there. He asked me how I could, as we were in the beach with no recharge stalls in the eye-sight. I again used my Opera to open Vodafone Shop. He got the amount credited to his account instantly. He was thrilled at this. I then opened the ‘Mortal Kombat’ gaming App and threw a challenge at my gamer-friend online. The game started and my dad was looking at how I was playing.  After I finished it, we started to walk again. It was very difficult for me to walk in the sand where as he was walking without any discomfort. I asked him how and he told me about his ‘kabbadi’ days on the sands of Marina Beach. The times have changed and so did the games.

          I also told him about the other apps that I use to send mails, book train tickets, read news papers, buy stuff online and invest in stock-market. Hearing about the stock-market app, he raised his eyebrows. I explained him about the ‘Money Control’ financial app, which I use to track the shares, and the ‘HDFC mobile demat’ app to place the orders. He advised me to be watchful and not be too greedy about easy money in the stock-market.  Deeply involved in conversation about these awesome apps, we were oblivious of the change in weather. It was dark and cloudy. He stood up to leave but I asked him to sit as there won’t be any showers till night. He asked me why and I showed my ‘Weather Channel’ App.

         I got a chance to show him the apps that I use on regular basis. He now understood why I hang on to my mobile for long hours. He had a feeling that I was just wasting my time with that “dirty device” (that’s what he prefers to call my mobile).  I always received ‘gyaan’ from him but giving him ‘gnyaan’ was like ‘once in a lifetime offer’. And I had a great shot at it with the help of “Vodafone” internet pack. Indeed, Internet is fun on Vodafone. Thank You Vodafone. You rock!!!

P.S. We returned home watching NDTV’s “We the People” on Vodafone Mobile TV. 

This post is published as a part of the Indiblogger’s Internet is Fun!  on Vodafone” contest.

Blood stains on Chennai roads – Part I

3 March, 2012

11:00 pm, Koot Road Junction, Medavakkam

    The street light at the corner of the street is flickering. There is no other source of light on the street except this.  He could hear the voice of someone, probably a drunkard, coming out of the darkness. His hands held on tightly to the steering of the jeep. He turns on the ignition and switches on the headlights and start racing towards the drunkard. The drunkard, at once, couldn’t see anything in that light coming towards him. A minute later, the tires of the jeep imprints a path of blood stains on the road.

4th March, 2012

9:45 am, EB-5, TCS, Siruseri

  Karthik, an orphan, is busy in fixing up a bug in his code. Suddenly, his mobile started to vibrate. “Unknown number” flashes on the screen. He picks up the call. There is a sweet and husky voice on the other side. She is a call center girl offering some discount on a banking product. Even though he would normally disconnect such calls, he was amazed by her voice and started listening to her. He disconnects the call ten minutes later after fixing up an appointment with her at 6:30 pm.

12:30 pm, Govt hospital, Chennai Central

The doctor comes out of the mortuary and goes straight into his cabin. He takes out a pad containing some papers clipped to it. He starts to scribble something on them. After 10 minutes of more scribbling, he calls the compounder and asks him to handover the papers to the police personnel at the reception desk.

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The Last Message

Oct 9, @ Gitam Central library

      He was standing at the library entrance. His eyes were busy searching for someone.  He looked at his watch. It was not working.  Just then, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He took out his Nokia-1100 mobile phone, used to the maximum possible extent.

 “1 txt msg received”

He opened it and read. He banged his leg on the marble floor and walked towards the Bhimas.

5 hrs later… Saddharma Sadan , room no – 405

“What happened dude? You seem to be worrying of something. Any problem?”

He remained silent, his fingers pressing hard against the mobile screen. He looked at his friend and then at the gift wrapper on his table.

“Did you meet..”

“March 22, Hot Breads”, he interrupted his friend and took a sip of vodka.

“March 22, Hot Breads? What are you saying about?”

“I’ve seen….. for the first time”, he gasped. “It was magical. It still lingers in my eyes”, he puffed his wills cigar and looked at the wrapper again.

Taking a sip of vodka, he continued to speak “It’s been a week. But I find it a very long time”

 He took out his mobile and typed “Good night. Chweet dreams” and sent the message.

They talked for some more time and his friend left.  He threw the vodka bottle on the floor. He wrapped himself in the blanket on the bed. He felt the same warm feeling he had once, not too long ago.

1 hour passed.

 He was still unable to sleep. His thoughts haunted him. He felt the immense need for one more bottle of vodka.  He took one from his cupboard and walked to the stairs. In a minute, he was on the terrace. There was no one around. He felt solace in the cool breeze. The owl on the banyan tree, in front of the hostel, hooted. He looked on to the sky above and saw the moon hiding behind the fast moving clouds.

  He walked to one end of the terrace. He emptied the vodka bottle and threw it away. It shattered into pieces. There was nothing more to accompany him. He climbed the covering wall of the terrace. He felt the wind blowing fast. He took out his mobile and typed

 “Take care. Bye forever”

He sent the message to her. He looked at the sky above and smiled. He took one step forward and within few seconds, he was lying on the portico in a pool of blood. The mobile fell beside him.

 1 txt msg received.  His mobile beeped.

 With all the energy he had, he took great effort in opening the message. It read,

 “I am sorry for what has happened last week. I love you a lot.”

Reading it, he took his last breath…

Dr. Specialist #3

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To read the second part of this story, click here

He regained his senses. He read it again for 3 to 4 times. He took his hanky and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He thought of what doc said.

   “It’s better that you prepare at home. This has caused a lump in your lung. I will give you some medicines and an injection. And this would make you fine

    “When I eat outside food, I can get affected with stomach cancer, may be my intestine could get affected, or may be my liver at the worst, but how come lungs? Neither I smoke nor a passive smoker!! Hmmm…Something is going wrong”, he said to himself.

  He decided to consult a lung specialist. He googled it and found the address of a ‘good and qualified’ doctor. He registered and took the docs appointment.


 “Yes, come in Mr. Sumit.”, the doc said.

 “Thanks, Dr. Vydanath. Thanks for your time.”

   The doc asked Sumit to breathe & exhale and placed his stethoscope on Sumit’s back.

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