151…Experienced Certainty

Once up on a time, there was a placement drive in a reputed private university in the beautiful city of Vizag. The placement drive was conducted by a very well known and established company that makes you experience Certainty. They were very certain in what they want from this college. They did things as per their plan and recruited 151 students. These 151 students were on Cloud 99 as they got into a world class company. Adding to it, they were overjoyed to the thought that they are going to experience certainty, ever experienced by them, in the near future.
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Day 1: The long thirsty summer is slowly going down and the rains gradually started to make me cool and relaxed. But, the volcanic explosion in my heart doesn’t keep me as cool as I should be. The nights started to be sleepless and the days passed on as the water on the Niagara Water falls. And finally the day has come. The day that may fulfill the dreams of a few Gitamites, but destroy the dreams of many. Its 3rd JULY and its TCS written exam.

We (EEE Dept.) are told to assemble at 1.30pm at the Ambedkar Seminar Hall. The test was at 2.30pm. As TCS tag line says “Experience Certainty”, Our College administration made us think “Gitam” with a tag line “Experience Uncertainty”. The test started at sharp 7.00pm.Wow! How “certain” it was that our college made us experience “Uncertainty”.

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