Celebrating 10 years of KARGIL

How many of us really remember the significance of today? How many of us knew about what happened to our country 10 years ago??

Very few, 10 in 100 may be a high estimation.

The peaceful Kashmir valley, the abode of Himalayas, was terrified by the attack of militants. This was quite normal for our soldiers as they fight against them, almost every day. But they were unaware of the fact that this would turn out to be a great war with Pakistan. Pakistan supported these militants under currently and it sent its troops to the Kargil and Dras sectors to fight against our soldiers.

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Thank You!

   I am very much thankful to Daily Blog Awards for choosing my blog Celebrate Life as the Best Blog Of the Day. I am happy that my blog was chosen. I take this as an inspiration and write better posts and update my blog frequently. A hearty welcome to all the readers. Enjoy your Life every second, then only you can Celebrate Life…

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Moulali HB-Koti-Charminar-IMAX-Lumnbini-Moulali HB(Chalo JTO! #4)

I woke up and looked at my watch to see it strike 7.00. “Need to brush right now. It’s getting late”, I thought and rushed into bathroom to fresh up as well as chalk out a plan for today (People normally say they get a lot of ideas in the bathroom…Of course I didn’t get any :P).

At 9.04 AM, the MMTS to Secunderabad station rushed into platform no.1. I somehow managed to hang on myself on the door step of the train. It’s been really amazing to travel like that. After traveling for a while, I moved into the compartment with great difficulty. These MMTS are completely crowded these days especially during the morning rush hours. But they sucked me like anything during the 45 minutes journey to my destination point, Secunderabad.

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Recently, Siddharth film Oy! was released in theaters. The movie was reported to acheive good openings in cites and towns. At last the people were finally coming to theatres after a long time to watch a tragedy. The heroine was earlier a childhood artist. The crew did not reveal her identity until 3 days before the movie was released that created hype for Oy! However, this did not attract me to write the post here. The one thing that attracted me was the caption of the movie. Continue reading


R Narayana Murthy – Hero
Illeyana – Heroine
Katrina Kaif – Second heroine

Megan Fox– Third Heroine
Will Smith – Villain
Bala Krishna & Captain Kanth (Tamil) – Guest Appearences

A R Rehman – Music
Steven Spielberg – Director

Danny Boel – Asst. Director
Warner Brothers,Columbia,20th Century fox – Producers
UTV Pvt Ltd. – India Distributors
Lakshmi Ganapathi Films – andhra nizam ceeded area distributors
Audio – On SONY BMG

Private AlbumBritney Spears, Symphony,Linkin Park and Chakri(Tollywood)
Movie name – RED LOVE [In English]
                      ERRA PREMA (In Telugu)[erri prema ]
                      LAAL MOHABATH [ In Hindi]

Multi-language Multi Starrer Movie in 4D

Ready to hit theatres in 2112 On May 1st as May day special release
oka ticket ki 2 tickets free free free

Think Hatke…Life is Creative and of course imaginative….Isn’t it???

JTO Exam Day (Cahlo JTO! #3)

JTO (Just Timepass Overloaded)

The long awaited day, June 23rd has come. The day I wrote (attempted) JTO exam. My centre was in Kukatpally. Pandu, Bokka, Kalyan, Jaggu, Ghajini, Niru, Galli, Venu Madhavi , Srujana were my friends who also got the same centre. The exam was damn easy for all; however it was damn difficult to me. After coming out we made many plans whether to go to Imax or Charminar. Some said Hyd Central, Golconda and one said “Let’s go home”.

Ghajini, Bokka, Pandu and I went to IMAX where Rev and Pilanco joined us. From there we rushed in an auto to Snow world. Satya joined here. It was really amazing place. It was really magnificent to create the atmosphere of a cold place, snowfall, snow man and ice ski-ing. It’s really cold out there. So we were given coats, shoes, hand cuffs and socks to wear in there. I got a chance to try the ice-ski-ing. We enjoyed a lot there. We have been there for about an hour. However time passed on very fast as if we were there for a few minutes. We also visited the Rain forest and the dead man’s home above the snow world.

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