Recently, Siddharth film Oy! was released in theaters. The movie was reported to acheive good openings in cites and towns. At last the people were finally coming to theatres after a long time to watch a tragedy. The heroine was earlier a childhood artist. The crew did not reveal her identity until 3 days before the movie was released that created hype for Oy! However, this did not attract me to write the post here. The one thing that attracted me was the caption of the movie.

His FIRST LOVE called himm…


Oye is a familiar sound in Telugu language. People use it too often and this made the movie reach in to the target audience with ease. But this made me remember of my childhood days.

As far as I remember, God gave my first enemy at the age of 6 years, whwn I was in my first class. His name is Sarath. He is a tall, lean and black coloured (pitch black) kid. He was rebel in our class at those days. We used to get frightened of him. I never talked with him because of this reason. But one day, he had a quarrel with me (I don’t remember the reason). But what I remember was Sarath calling me Orey! I didn’t listen to that before and it sounded me sweet. But that fellow is like demon to me in those days and I got frightened as he was calling me like that.

For the first time in my life, a person called me Orey! and that too he was my first enemy. What a coincidence!

I don’t know whereabouts Sarath after I left that school. Whenever I see the movie poster, I remember this sweet memory of mine. How sweet is life. Always celebrate it with joy even if you are in sorrow…

So I made my own caption attached to my pic similar to the movie poster above.

his FIRST ENEMY called himm…


P.S. Oye! and Orey! are the sounds that are often used in Telugu language. Oye literally means referring to a person to draw attention. Orey literally means calling or referring to a person in anger(friendly of course).


10 comments on “Orey!

  1. chiru "Beyond Universe..." says:

    hey..i only inspired u writing this post aaa???

  2. Sunil Ramavarapu says:

    Actually, since the day I changed my profile name in orkut and status in gtalk to his first enemy called him Orey!, a no of friends pinged me saying that it was good. I told u the story. I thought it would be good if tell them all and the result is Orey!

  3. chiru "Beyond Universe..." says:


  4. Sruthi says:

    abba cha!! konchem ekkuva chesinattu ledu 😛

  5. Cynthia says:

    Wow, I wouldn't want to get those two mixed up! In Spanish, Oye means "listen"…and Orey doesn't have a meaning. Congratulation on your Best Blog of the Day Award. I'm visiting from Puerto Rico.

    Btw: I like your Gandhi header and quote.

  6. there’s nothing like childhood memories…

  7. @ Ali : Yup, you are right…the good old days u can say 🙂

  8. Sandeep says:

    if your 1st enemy called u orey!…….then whom will u called u osey!…………………….

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