My "Dasvidhaniya" list [?]

Today, I watched “Dasvidhaniya” movie in my pc. After watching it, I thought of making my own Dasvidhaniya list. So, here it is…

Things to do BEFORE I DIE:

  1. Go to Manasasarovaram lake
  2. Play Guitar, Meet Illayaraja
  3. Paragliding and Bungee Jumping
  4. Getting to know about the cost of my shopping only at bill counter
  5. Get a paycheck more than 1 lakh/month
  6. Goin for a long drive in a  topless car
  7. Foreign Trip with my loved one
  8. Meet my best friends
  9. Make my parents happy
  10. Love…


Do we need something in common???

I was surfing through the TV channels and finally came to a halt at NDTV around 8:45PM and there was a debate going on hosted by well known lady of the show, Barkha Dutt. There was some hot discussion going on and hardly I could hear words like language, no compromise, China as there was a cross conversation going on. I was about to change the channel when I got a catch of a scrolling running in the bottom which means:

“Should we need to have a common language and is Hindi the answer to it?”

The topic was quite interesting to me as I heard the word China from one of the person speaking. So I got tuned in to the show. Continue reading

My Telugu Blog

     After a long time, my dream of writing a Telugu blog is finally done. I was in a  dilemma to start it bcoz of my hectic schedule :P. But starting something that you like the most makes the difficulties so small that you really don’t care about them. So from this time, I am writing here as well as in my Telugu blog.
         Telugu Blog is at 
                      నా తో అల్లరి చెయ్యడానికి రెడీ ఏనా???

151…Experienced Certainty

Once up on a time, there was a placement drive in a reputed private university in the beautiful city of Vizag. The placement drive was conducted by a very well known and established company that makes you experience Certainty. They were very certain in what they want from this college. They did things as per their plan and recruited 151 students. These 151 students were on Cloud 99 as they got into a world class company. Adding to it, they were overjoyed to the thought that they are going to experience certainty, ever experienced by them, in the near future.
Days passed on and the students in the campus slowly Continue reading

A period of "Nothing"

Well, I have been travelling continuously for the past one month with no time to ping here. You might ask me “What are you doing? Are you that busy?”

The answer is simple and I am doing nothing. Yup! Completely nothing.

There’s nothing left in my wallet to spend, nothing more to shop after looting Fashion Street, nothing more to read from the books I brought in CST, nothing to hear after long chit chats with my sis, nothing left to travel after 5 days of complete exhaustive roaming on the busy streets of Mumbai, Continue reading