Who’s my Role Model?

“Who is your role-model?”, She asked looking into my eyes.

“I don’t have one!”, I replied.

How come you don’t? See your friend Santosh has one, Bhavana has one. whom do you want to be…”

“I want to be like Mahesh Babu…”, I replied stopping her mid-way.

This was an anecdote narrated by a 5 year old to his father in crowded bus I took on my way back to the home from office. And this made me wonder….Who is my role-model?

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I miss U my dear friend :(

During my college days, there were many friends to hangout, chit chat or do whatever we liked to. But since May 1st, the day I finished my graduation, I was completely surrounded by dead silence. No more bunks and hangouts. No chit chats drinking tea in the college canteen. No classes at all, let alone SMS’s during class hours. No last minute assignment submission or late coming to labs. No more waiting at the Xerox shop to photocopy the materials just the day before the exam. But, there was one who always stood by me, made those sweet and sour memories come back to me. There was only one who could do that. And it’s my blog. My dear blog! Continue reading

Good times Ahead…

Well, its been a very long gap for me after Obama winning Nobel Prize :P. I was having busy schedule due to which I couldn’t post anything here, but in coming days I am going to write about my experiences in gtalk and the long chats I had with my friends, especially the girl form Brazil and the Mountain State of India, Sikkim.

P.S. Sorry blog, I couldn’t post here for a while 😦  But I am sure to bounce back with some good posts to make you come to life again 🙂

My Telugu Blog

     After a long time, my dream of writing a Telugu blog is finally done. I was in a  dilemma to start it bcoz of my hectic schedule :P. But starting something that you like the most makes the difficulties so small that you really don’t care about them. So from this time, I am writing here as well as in my Telugu blog.
         Telugu Blog is at www.allarikeratam.blogspot.com 
                      నా తో అల్లరి చెయ్యడానికి రెడీ ఏనా???

Thank You!

   I am very much thankful to Daily Blog Awards for choosing my blog Celebrate Life as the Best Blog Of the Day. I am happy that my blog was chosen. I take this as an inspiration and write better posts and update my blog frequently. A hearty welcome to all the readers. Enjoy your Life every second, then only you can Celebrate Life…

Keep rocking…Keep visiting…Enjoy reading Celebrate Life…

1 0 0 0 +

    Yup! The 4 digit figure was finally appearing on the visitors list, which of course is of no interest to me. But one thing which I noticed from the viewers list of my blog is that the people are really interested in knowing about others life. It might give them the “kick” in doing so.

         But the only reason why I really like this blog is it is the only place where I can have a chance to express what I feel. I simply write what I get into my mind and heart, the rest of the work carried by my fast moving fingers on the keyboard of my system.

    Thanks to Blogger.com for making such an environment. Thanks for making me be me, at least in this virtual world!

Celebrate Life…New look…

The New look of my blog…
I felt that my earlier blog template was also one of the reasons for making me too lazy to post. I never really tried to change the look. I used to open my blog only to find it dull and uninteresting for me to post something. So I concentrated to change the template and here it is..with a refreshing look and the wonderful music playing at the back to make me relax and post what i exactly wanted to.
Hope i keep posting frequently and make my resolution of this year alive 😛