Target Bengaluru

It’s been a long time writing here. Well, I have been travelling for 15 days or so and I am completely delighted by the way I have been doing these days. The Bengaluru tour was one of my most memorable experiences so far. I had fun, visited new places, met new people who are damn inspiring and above all, I had a taste of life.

The excitement had begun right from Visakhapatnam. I planned to reach B’lore by Prashanti express. I was a bit taken back when the very thought of travelling in this train for 2 obvious reasons. Continue reading


A period of "Nothing"

Well, I have been travelling continuously for the past one month with no time to ping here. You might ask me “What are you doing? Are you that busy?”

The answer is simple and I am doing nothing. Yup! Completely nothing.

There’s nothing left in my wallet to spend, nothing more to shop after looting Fashion Street, nothing more to read from the books I brought in CST, nothing to hear after long chit chats with my sis, nothing left to travel after 5 days of complete exhaustive roaming on the busy streets of Mumbai, Continue reading

Moulali HB-Koti-Charminar-IMAX-Lumnbini-Moulali HB(Chalo JTO! #4)

I woke up and looked at my watch to see it strike 7.00. “Need to brush right now. It’s getting late”, I thought and rushed into bathroom to fresh up as well as chalk out a plan for today (People normally say they get a lot of ideas in the bathroom…Of course I didn’t get any :P).

At 9.04 AM, the MMTS to Secunderabad station rushed into platform no.1. I somehow managed to hang on myself on the door step of the train. It’s been really amazing to travel like that. After traveling for a while, I moved into the compartment with great difficulty. These MMTS are completely crowded these days especially during the morning rush hours. But they sucked me like anything during the 45 minutes journey to my destination point, Secunderabad.

At 11.33 AM, Continue reading

JTO Exam Day (Cahlo JTO! #3)

JTO (Just Timepass Overloaded)

The long awaited day, June 23rd has come. The day I wrote (attempted) JTO exam. My centre was in Kukatpally. Pandu, Bokka, Kalyan, Jaggu, Ghajini, Niru, Galli, Venu Madhavi , Srujana were my friends who also got the same centre. The exam was damn easy for all; however it was damn difficult to me. After coming out we made many plans whether to go to Imax or Charminar. Some said Hyd Central, Golconda and one said “Let’s go home”.

Ghajini, Bokka, Pandu and I went to IMAX where Rev and Pilanco joined us. From there we rushed in an auto to Snow world. Satya joined here. It was really amazing place. It was really magnificent to create the atmosphere of a cold place, snowfall, snow man and ice ski-ing. It’s really cold out there. So we were given coats, shoes, hand cuffs and socks to wear in there. I got a chance to try the ice-ski-ing. We enjoyed a lot there. We have been there for about an hour. However time passed on very fast as if we were there for a few minutes. We also visited the Rain forest and the dead man’s home above the snow world.

It was around 6.00 pm Continue reading

First Day in Hyderabad (Chalo JTO! #2 )

First Day in Hyderabad

I went right away to my cousin’s home. It is in KPHB colony. I got in to a deluxe city service. I think the bus no. was 226. The FM radio was switched on and it was playing some devotional songs. Whatever might be the shit with Hyd buses, you can’t resist getting into them, especially at times when you really need them. After an hour long travel in the not so crowded RTC bus and a share auto, I finally reached my cousin’s home. Continue reading

Chalo Hyderabad!!! (Chalo JTO! #1)

Chalo Hyderabad!!!!

“Train No 7015, Bhuvaneshwar to Secunderabad Junction is going to arrive on….” made me come to this world from my never ending thoughts. Revanth (Rev), Sourav (Ghajini) and I were waiting on the platform for Santosh (Pilanco) to arrive. We all are going to Hyderabad to appear for JTO exam. We actually planned a jolly-trip. (Exams may come and go but these memories are always with me).

Pillu arrived exactly 2 min Continue reading

Back to Pavilion

Right now, I am in Hyderabad, capital city of AP. The temperature here is so hot and very dry. The 4 days spent here were amazing and fully fun filled. I am going back to Vizag with loads of sweet memories.
Back to pavilion…