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Shocks R oc K s

” I am late. Its already 9.20″

At 9.30 – ” God! The exam must have started”

I was running to the department as i have to write the mid-exams (internals). To my surprise, all my friends were waiting at the corridor with Kamaraju in their hands. Kamaraju is the author of HVE text book. It was quite interesting that our exam was postponed to 20 min. as they were having some meeting. Its really a shock as this kind of situations rarely happen in our dept.

I was about to enter the exam hall and I was shocked to see Continue reading

My first story!!!

This is probably the first story written in my life. I am eagerly waiting for the feedback….I apolozize for any grammatical mistakes, but i promise that i will try to imrove myself. I got a lot of inspiration after reading the book ANANTHAM written by Sri Sri, the Telugu mastero of 20 th century. Then i started writing this story….I even wrote 2 poems ( kavithalu) but i dont want to write here. its written only for me…..lets see how this storm in me continues…..Celebrate LIFE….

Dreams……A Reality

Prof. Sadanand is standing on the dais, naked. He is made to eat chalk pieces and dance on the floor. “Its really heartful satisfaction”, Anil thinks in making Prof. Sadanand do all these stuff.

Suddenly water gets splashed on Anil’s face. He rubs his eyes to see his mom in front of him, with a broom stick in her hand. “You are getting late to college”, she yells. He wakes up lazily from his bed and move slowly towards the living room. In the middle of the way, he falls asleep on the sofa as usual….. Continue reading

Is this TRUE???

GITAM, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management is a college dedicated to its goal in making INDIA – a Knowledge Society. The establishment of the college since 1980 has ever faced any kind of discrimination or complaints of racial, sexual harassment. The words “STRIVE”, “THRIVE” and “SERVE” reflects the soul of GITAM. Started as an ordinary Engineering college, GITAM has raised to a level of DEEMED University, the first engineering college to be credited in Andhra Pradesh. And today GITAM UNIVERSITY stands as one of the premier institutes in India.
A week ago, there was a news bulletin in TV5 stating that students were racially & sexually harassed by some of the faculty of ECE dept. Later there was a posting in the TV5 blog about this issue. Continue reading