Is this TRUE???

GITAM, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management is a college dedicated to its goal in making INDIA – a Knowledge Society. The establishment of the college since 1980 has ever faced any kind of discrimination or complaints of racial, sexual harassment. The words “STRIVE”, “THRIVE” and “SERVE” reflects the soul of GITAM. Started as an ordinary Engineering college, GITAM has raised to a level of DEEMED University, the first engineering college to be credited in Andhra Pradesh. And today GITAM UNIVERSITY stands as one of the premier institutes in India.
A week ago, there was a news bulletin in TV5 stating that students were racially & sexually harassed by some of the faculty of ECE dept. Later there was a posting in the TV5 blog about this issue. The posting was written by a faculty member of GITAM UNIVERSITY, who has not revealed his/her identity. The post starts off with the sentimental touch and continues with a stubborn voice, in some parts trying to make us agree to what was written by the writer. The post ends in a tone of blackmailing the administration and the faculty of GITAM. On the whole, you get to read “masala” news.
The writer is trying to convey the people that All is not well in GITAM… it’s dangerous to study here and a lot of difficulties are faced by the students with the faculty (be it ECE or any branch). Here, I would like to ask one question: If there were a few accidents over the year on the road by which you travel often to your home , what will you do? Will you sit at your home?

I think I need to be clear for the above asked question, but the “person” who has written such a classic on GITAM will understand this question better than anyone. According to the “writer” of TV5 blog, he/she has experienced or heard the experiences about the “facts” written in TV5 blog. Then the writer thought that it is the time to reveal what’s happening inside GITAM. But the way he/she has described the events are a lot impractical. The way the writer blackmails administration, “I have the real facts and if I reveal the faculty names and what they did, U will understand that it is not safe to study in GITAM”.
So what he/she is trying to convey is “Don’t go on to the roads as it is not safe there. So protest against roads. Write about the accidents that did not happen at all. Mail this info to all the travelers across the city warning them not to travel in that road because you will die if you travel on it.” This is what he/she is trying to convey.
He/she wrote “edi sample matrame… original matram live lo chudalsinde…” I feel like comparing the post in the TV5 blog to a promo of a cricket tournament, “The trailers we have shown is only the sample, Enjoy the live cricket on your television sets”.
Moreover the author says”I want to bring back the lost glory of GITAM college”. I question the author “How can the author bring back something which is not lost at all?” The author warns the administration, “I will mail the content which describes what’s happening inside GITAM to all the colleges through out INDIA, so that this faculty could go no where”. I say that the purpose of the author is defeated as the author says I want to restore the lost glory. Let us think that the GITAM glory is lost. The author has taken the job on his/her shoulders to restore the glory. But how come? How is it possible when she mail to each and every college stating that GITAM is unsafe to study? Hence what the author is saying is not practical. (I ask the author to send mails round the globe to all the colleges, but the author can not even shake the reputation as GITAM is known for its trust since 28 years to this entire world)
The author complains about the HOD of ECE Dept. and his behavior towards the students. I challenge the author to make the students quote at least one bad quality about HOD, as written in the “TV5” blog. I being an EEE student knew about him, his character and his response to the students when they ask him anything, even though I don’t have a personal contact with him. I am not going to comment any thing on Mr.M.S.Rao as I don’t have any idea about, but I promise you that I will write about him as soon as I knew at least some thing about him.
The author says that these facts are known to each and every single person in the college. Well I don’t know. Not only me, but any one of our college were unaware of these facts that was written about GITAM in the “TV5” blog. This is because there were no such things happening. I personally contacted and talked over phone to many students of GITAM and no one answered that “Yes, the facts were correct.” Rather than that they were asking “Is this true???”. This itself shows that the “content” written by the author is full of false statements and are not true.
Anyhow, there might be quite a few number of incidents where teachers asking the students to give them gifts or sweets or do me this work. This is common every where. Where is this not present? It might be in GITAM but you can count these incidents on fingers. But if the writings in the TV5 blog is found to be true. the persons on whom sevre remarks were made in the blog must be punishable severly as per law. Then the college administration must see that these sort of things should never happen again.
I promise to all the readers that there is nothing fishy going on or will happen in GITAM UNIVERSITY. We stand for what we say. We are proud to be “GITAMITES” and in future, we wish to be recognized as “Gitamites” only.

The trash written in “TV5” blog can be read here. Click this link and see yourself the false statements on GITAM UNIVERSITY


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