Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo (I AM NOT CHARLIE HEBDO)

2 days back, I woke up to see my social media timeline filled with posts like

“I am Charlie Hebdo”

“This is the death of Freedom of Press! #RIPmankind”

“The only way to respond is to share the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo and see how many people can those terrorists kill”

The messages carried out a strong emotion. The sent out a strong message. I was amazed as to what had happened. I read about the incident from the online pro-active media and was disturbed. It was an attack on the freedom of speech. It was not right to kill them at any cost. Continue reading


Did Obama win or made winner?

Barack Hussain Obama, well known as the President of United States of America is once again in news. And this time, the news is from Norway’s capital, Oslo. The world was dumbfounded on hearing, “Obama is awarded prestigious Nobel Peace prize”, as declared by the Nobel Committee.

This very Scrolling hit the News, Internet, face book, orkut, twitter, news papers like a tsunami. USA was overjoyed with this. Every American Prez dreams of a Nobel Prize in his tenure and Obama in his just 8 month tenure as a Prez achieved it. Kudos to Obama on that. This is on one side of the coin. Continue reading

Celebrating 10 years of KARGIL

How many of us really remember the significance of today? How many of us knew about what happened to our country 10 years ago??

Very few, 10 in 100 may be a high estimation.

The peaceful Kashmir valley, the abode of Himalayas, was terrified by the attack of militants. This was quite normal for our soldiers as they fight against them, almost every day. But they were unaware of the fact that this would turn out to be a great war with Pakistan. Pakistan supported these militants under currently and it sent its troops to the Kargil and Dras sectors to fight against our soldiers.

What can I do about this? Continue reading