Dr.Specialist #2

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Suddenly all his teammates, normally with heads drowned in monitor and hands sunk into keyboard, raised their heads and looked at him with surprise. He was jumping, pointing out his finger to the monitor and then to his ribs. Later when his PL came to know about it, he asked Sumit to leave immediately and consult doctor.


        It’s a small entrance that opened to a narrow walkway that finally lead to a waiting hall where a few people, looking frustrated and exhausted, were waiting for their turn to visit the doctor. A neighborhood hospital, C.M Hospital named after the doctor who was an orthopedic specialist. Sumit sat there for around 10 minutes watching some Tamil serial played on TV (God! Tamil serial?? Can any hospital beat that?). Then a nurse attended him and took his BP readings. She looked at him from top to bottom and said “You have a bit high BP. Please try to reduce it.” He felt more tensed.

2 minutes later.

  “Sir, I was working today and suddenly felt some pain in my ribs. I don’t know why all of a sudden?

May be two days back, one of my friend caught me from my back and held me tightly. May be this was a cause to it.  I think my bones had a crack!!!

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God’s Death


You are waiting for your exam at the bus stand. The time is running fast and you are getting late to the exam. And your friend coming on a bike and asks you to come with him to the exam. What do you say?

   “Man! You are God! It is because of you I am going to exam on time.”


  India Vs Pakistan Match….Last over…Indianeeds 13 runs to win. Sachin on strike. Everyone watching the match in front of the idiot boxes or in the ground prays for Sachin to hit the 13 runs. Finally, under hell lot of pressure and excitement, he hits those runs and there are celebrations inIndia. We hail Sachin as God. We say he is the God of cricket!!

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Dr. Specalist

            He is busily working on the source code to find out why the session is not maintained throughout the transaction. Sumit, a software professional by lack of any choice, is having a routine day at his work.  He typed, searched, copied and pasted lot of things from here and there to find a final solution to his problem.

           As if like Ashoka who conquered entire India, Sumit felt as if he had just achieved the solution to the problem to which Einstein was banging his head all throughout his life. Sumit’s PL called him thus ending his high download speed of imagination. He is assigned another bug to be fixed.

        Looking at the list of bug fixes he has to do today, he took a deep breath and sighed. He felt something uncomfortable in his chest. He didn’t care about it. After an hour or so, he started to feel a sense of irritation and uneasiness on the left side of his chest. And this feeling increased each and every time he took a deep breath. Sitting on his push-back chair, he made some movements that he learnt in the recent ergonomics session at his office. But those didn’t take the edge off the irritation he was facing since few minutes.

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Afzalgunj Road


     His hand started to search for his mobile. After a minute struggle, he could finally land his thumb on the snooze button.

45 min later…

     He was at the bustand waiting for 273B. He needs to be at LokManya Auditorium,Afzalgunj Roadby 10.00AM. He looked at his watch. The minutes hand touched 12 and the time is 9.00AM.


      The bus raced into the busbay. He boarded the bus and took a ticket to Afzalgunj stop. He dumped himself onto the corner seat of the lastrow. The bus was moving at a fast pace and he could feel the cool wind current coming from the window. And he dozzed.

         He violently jolted as the bus suddenly stopped. He woke up from his deep nap. A car at the traffic signal exploded and fire outburst in all directions. The truck carrying the plastic goods caught fire and worsened the situation. Everyone was running here and there, trying to save themselves. As he was watching all this from his window seat, the fire from the truck reached the bus he was in and within seconds, the bus caught fire. He managed to jump out of the window and in this process tore his trouser. He cut his index finger and there were scratches on his elbow and back. The blood droplets started to trickle down from his index finger. He looked around and was terrified to find to spot his wife and child near the departmental stores. He started to run towards the stores and booomm……..there was another explosion near the stores. There was chaos everywhere and he was thrown back a few meteres because of the intensity of the explosion. He tried with great effort to stand on his own, but he couldn’t. He took the rod beside him and slowly stood up. He looked at the stores. It was completely covered with dust and smoke. He tried to walk but stumbled as soon as he tried to move. Trying to hold onto his senses, he started to crawl towards the stores.

        With great struggle, he reached the stores. There were deadbodies scattered everywhere, wounded people are crying out for help. He searched for his wife and child. Under the debris of the display board of the stores, he spotted the sari she wore today. He crawled towards the debris. He found her body completely burnt and his child was cut into two at his abdomen and was severely burnt. Seeing them, his heartbeat stopped for a second. He tried to cry but he couldn’t. He wanted to die, but he couldn’t.

      He felt someone shaking him up. He slowly opened his eyes. He was in the bus waiting at the signal, to turn to green, 200mts from the LokManya Auditorium. He got down from the bus. He walked straight to the gate of LokManya Auditorium. He looked at the bag he was holding. He took a deep breath. He moved a few blocks ahead  and entered the Afzalgunj Police station.

  “Who are you?”, the inspector asked him.

 “I am Habib. And… I..I Was a terrorist” and he handed over his bag containing explosives.