Dr. Specalist

            He is busily working on the source code to find out why the session is not maintained throughout the transaction. Sumit, a software professional by lack of any choice, is having a routine day at his work.  He typed, searched, copied and pasted lot of things from here and there to find a final solution to his problem.

           As if like Ashoka who conquered entire India, Sumit felt as if he had just achieved the solution to the problem to which Einstein was banging his head all throughout his life. Sumit’s PL called him thus ending his high download speed of imagination. He is assigned another bug to be fixed.

        Looking at the list of bug fixes he has to do today, he took a deep breath and sighed. He felt something uncomfortable in his chest. He didn’t care about it. After an hour or so, he started to feel a sense of irritation and uneasiness on the left side of his chest. And this feeling increased each and every time he took a deep breath. Sitting on his push-back chair, he made some movements that he learnt in the recent ergonomics session at his office. But those didn’t take the edge off the irritation he was facing since few minutes.

         He placed his right hand on his left rib bones and started pressing his hand against them. He felt pain on doing that. He did the same at few areas on his left side and felt pain of varying magnitudes. He repeated the same on his right side. He felt nothing. Sweat droplets started to form on his forehead. He took out his hankie and rubbed his forehead gently. Thoughts started to strike his brain at the rate of torrent that downloads under free time during mid-night.

             He quickly opened the google.co.in and typed “Pain in rib bones” and cliked “I am feeling lucky” button. The search bounced back a site giving the symptoms of the disease and steps to cure it.

     “If you feel pain while taking a deep breath, a sense of irritation felt every now and then, when pressure applied on your rib bones causes more pain, an itching sensation in your thyroids.

        You will be glad to know that you have an air crack in your lower rib bones.

 Click here to find a cure and here to find out why it comes..”

 Sumit was shocked. “Air crack…OMG…Air crack”, He shouted at once.

To be continued…

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4 comments on “Dr. Specalist

  1. Prasanna says:

    Oi..Eppudu continue chesttav?waiting ikkada..!

  2. sunitha says:

    telisindi nuvvu cheppaboye katha…good man,sure therz a writer in u…keep going… may be its in our genes!!!

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