I miss U my dear friend :(

During my college days, there were many friends to hangout, chit chat or do whatever we liked to. But since May 1st, the day I finished my graduation, I was completely surrounded by dead silence. No more bunks and hangouts. No chit chats drinking tea in the college canteen. No classes at all, let alone SMS’s during class hours. No last minute assignment submission or late coming to labs. No more waiting at the Xerox shop to photocopy the materials just the day before the exam. But, there was one who always stood by me, made those sweet and sour memories come back to me. There was only one who could do that. And it’s my blog. My dear blog! Continue reading


Girls & Music

Well, there are many instances where one can “feel“music, and get addicted. There are many instances where one is swept off the ground by a beautiful girl, and get addicted. But, how would it be when both music and beautiful girls come together. Huh! Already started imagining? Continue reading

2 0 1 2 – Movie Review

Well, if you ask me what is the most speculated and the most discussed issue among masses. I simply say “Is 2012 going to be the end of the world?”

Of course, there were speculations ranging from Mayans to Global Warming. Anyhow I am not here to propaganda any of these speculations or discussions. This post is exclusively to express my views on the movie “2012” directed by Roland Emmerich. Continue reading

I miss them :(

Getting up with the tick-tick alarm in the morning makes me feel I miss the early morning sounds of the nature. This makes me remember my childhood. When I was a kid in Anantapur, parrots used to live on a tree which was just beside the bedroom window. They used to bite me and make sounds in the morning to wake me up from the sleep. Now this makes me feel nostalgic.

I really miss those days. Those days would never come back.

…………… Continue reading

All the way to Brazil

Last year winter was one of my unforgettable winter moments. There are 2 reasons for this. One, the nights in that winter were so cold and I wrapped myself in thick blanket (which I love it 🙂 ). The second, I have access to net from my computer. As we all do in nights’, I was at my PC, busy in orkuting. Well bored with chat, I thought of playing Chess. I logged into chess application and I was challenged by someone named “Stra letici”. While playing, the weirdo named person started chatting with me in the chat box in the chess game. A few lines of the chat that I remember: Continue reading