First Day in Hyderabad (Chalo JTO! #2 )

First Day in Hyderabad

I went right away to my cousin’s home. It is in KPHB colony. I got in to a deluxe city service. I think the bus no. was 226. The FM radio was switched on and it was playing some devotional songs. Whatever might be the shit with Hyd buses, you can’t resist getting into them, especially at times when you really need them. After an hour long travel in the not so crowded RTC bus and a share auto, I finally reached my cousin’s home. Continue reading


Intelligent Sardar????

We often crack a lot of jokes on Sardars. In these jokes, they (very rare) have a brain that never thinks. They do all sort of funny actions and gives answers one can ever think of it even in dreams. This made Sardarji’s jokes very famous and also fun-filled.

But sometimes, they can also act intelligent. For example, look at this… Continue reading

Chalo Hyderabad!!! (Chalo JTO! #1)

Chalo Hyderabad!!!!

“Train No 7015, Bhuvaneshwar to Secunderabad Junction is going to arrive on….” made me come to this world from my never ending thoughts. Revanth (Rev), Sourav (Ghajini) and I were waiting on the platform for Santosh (Pilanco) to arrive. We all are going to Hyderabad to appear for JTO exam. We actually planned a jolly-trip. (Exams may come and go but these memories are always with me).

Pillu arrived exactly 2 min Continue reading

What the f***.The King of POP is no more!!!

“What the f**k.The King of POP is no more!!!”

This was my reaction, on hearing the news that our beloved MJ died today because of cardiac arrest. May his soul rest in peace…

If Pop music is the Life, MJ is the spirit…We love U…Michael…..

Though he may not be here with us physically, but he’s always in our hearts… Continue reading

1 0 0 0 +

    Yup! The 4 digit figure was finally appearing on the visitors list, which of course is of no interest to me. But one thing which I noticed from the viewers list of my blog is that the people are really interested in knowing about others life. It might give them the “kick” in doing so.

         But the only reason why I really like this blog is it is the only place where I can have a chance to express what I feel. I simply write what I get into my mind and heart, the rest of the work carried by my fast moving fingers on the keyboard of my system.

    Thanks to for making such an environment. Thanks for making me be me, at least in this virtual world!

Back to Pavilion

Right now, I am in Hyderabad, capital city of AP. The temperature here is so hot and very dry. The 4 days spent here were amazing and fully fun filled. I am going back to Vizag with loads of sweet memories.
Back to pavilion…

The Last Night…

There were a few high tides in the sea. We sat on the wet rocks on the sea shore of Teneti Park. The cool breeze from the sea soothed us. And…

” I feel that these 4 years of engineering went on like a few seconds.”
” Yup! Me too. Of course this happens to every one. One has to pass through these stages.”
“It’s really been a wonderful time to spend in Vizag. I miss this place, this atmosphere.”
“Yes. This place is like heaven. But I’m not gona miss this.” Continue reading