The three lettered word called MBA!

3 years and many efforts ago, I was wondering what I was doing with my life. Dropped with the plan of going abroad to pursue M.S, I was idle doing nothing. I was waiting for a mail from TCS regarding my date of joining. Those were the awkward days when the relatives asked what I was doing and friends posting their pics from abroad. To run away from my boredom, I lazily slept and wandered places during the so called CAT preparation.

  Almost 8 months passed and I was in Hyderabad listening to boring speeches of the top management of TCS and doing programs in Java. 3 months into my job and I am posted to Chennai as they have the coveted “project requirement”. And that’s how I reached the land of Sambhar, TamilNadu. Life was not a cakewalk or MJ’s moon walk. Rather it was a scorching sun-walk. Another 3 months into my job, I knew I am not made to do application development, or in simple terms called coding. Though I would now and then get “high” for developing goddamn modules, I somehow felt I am not giving my heart and soul into it. So, I appeared for CAT 2010 with 3 month “preparation”. And I successfully Failed.

At workplace, the manager and the entire team knew where I wanted to go. They would call me “MBA Guy”. God knows what they actually meant! I was working my ass off for more than 13 hours per day in “The Netwon” cabin of TCS Shollinganallur. I would look at people leaving for home at 7 pm and I would look at my watch to think that I still have 3 more hours to leave. With this kind of work schedule even on Saturdays and Sundays dedicated to washing clothes, I still tried hard to achieve that 3 letter word. I rejected the onsite offer given to me and gave CAT 2011. This time with much more preparation and I was good in getting even more miserable result than the previous year. I thought that my dream would be a distant one. May be an unconquered one!

My job sucks and so did my life. Shitting on the earth since 24 years with many miserable failures to credit, I was on the verge of getting onto the bad wagon of mundane lifestyle. I almost dropped my aim at one point of time and thought of shifting my focus more onto opportunities in my field. But I couldn’t. May be I can’t. I promised myself that this was it. The last time I would be going to give CAT and try to bell it. I took the risks I had to take. I asked my manager to transfer me to Hyderabad. I asked for release from the project. From the work that was getting mundane. From the city that was eating away my spirit. From the people who wanted me to stay there forever.

But I was stubborn. Stubborn in getting what I want. Getting what I deserve. I was posted to Hyderabad. I worked myself to focus on only one thing: the 3 lettered word called MBA. I was lost in a world of mine. I lost the opportunity to earn more by going onsite. I lost the weekends where I could have enjoyed with my friends. I lost my interest in things other than MBA. I lost few friends who they thought I was sick!

Losing was becoming a part of me. Rather I was becoming a loser. May be both. And the big day arrived. I had no clue what would happen. CAT 2012 followed by a couple of other exams like IIFT, NMAT, SNAP, XLRI, TISS.

But this time, I was bad in getting a bad result. Wooahh!! I kind of got a good result and call from IIM. I got calls from most of the top institutes in the country. I was drowned in the sea of happiness but the ocean can turn violent any time.

 I had to travel my places for attending interviews. Got admission offers from few colleges and finally here I am. In Mumbai. The City of Opportunities. The City that never sleeps. And this City welcomed me with her hands wide open. I was sucked into the city and became one with it.

And Yes, I am finally enjoying and experiencing the joy of turning my dream into reality.  I am now a student of NMIMS. Or shall I say MBA Guy???