We are Matured is as obsolete as Symbian OS!!!

I read somewhere that India is the most diverse place on earth after African Continent. I heard someone saying that India is the place to be. I was taught in social studies during my schooling that India is a perfect example of Unity in Diversity 

But a recap of events in past two months, be it Delhi rape case, be it the rape-cases that followed it, be it the Indo-Pak relations, be it Viswaroopam issue, I believe that the three statements I wrote above were like the obsolete Symbian OS of Nokia. This brings in the question,

“How far have we matured as a society?” 

Unfortunately, the answer would be a big  NO.

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Wallet Lost. Found Compassion!

19 Jan 2013

 I boarded the 218 bus number from JNTU and my destination was NIMS Hospital bus stop. The bus was not that crowded and I was lucky enough to get a seat. After 10 minutes, the conductor arrived for punching the tickets. I took out my wallet and gave him a hundred rupee note. He punched a ticket of Rs.11 and gave back the change. I placed the notes in my wallet and held the wallet in my hand. I was chitchatting with other friend of mine who accompanied me till Mytri Vanam bus stop. All this while, the wallet was safe in my hands, and my hands on my backpack.

30 minutes passed.

My friend alighted at his stop and I took out my ‘dabba’ Nokia phone to check mails. All this while, the wallet was safe in my hands, and my hands on my backpack. Continue reading