Download NMAT papers

Hi…How’s your NMAT preparation? Hope it’s going on well. It’s just 3 days to go for the NMAT 2010. But before going for it, why don’t you have a look at how NMAT was given in the previous years. Got any previous papers? “No”.

Don’t worry. I have collected NMAT 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 NMAT papers. In addition to that, there are 2 sample papers (along with solutions) of TIME institute. All you need to do is to scroll down the page and in the end you can find a Happy Downloads Section to the right side of the screen. In the white box, you can find NMAT material. Just click it to download it. It takes hardly less than a minute*. So, get an extra edge in your preparation. All the best for your NMAT exam.

* Don’t expect it in a net-cafe with over 10 systems sharing a BSNL unlimited connection 😛


207 comments on “Download NMAT papers

  1. Rupesh says:

    Thanks …..specially for the TIME papers…..those were needed….

  2. Anurag says:

    hey. thanx Sunil
    this was really required…
    great work !!

  3. Shalil guha says:

    Thanx a lot

  4. shehwar says:

    Hi sunil…cd u plz send me the link as i am preparing 4 ths years nmat,,,

  5. Deepak says:

    Hi Sunil,

    I could not see the download link here. Can you please send the NMAT papers on my email id.

    Sorry for the trouble & TIA

  6. rishi says:

    thanxx dude

  7. Tulika says:

    hello Sunil…
    I have got a simplar problem regarding the download can u please send me the papers via e-mail…

  8. Sameer says:

    hey thank you for those papers…really needed them!! thanks a ton again!

    can you please tell us what is the difficulty level of NMAT? i mean,
    how tough is it? and wat shud we focus more on?
    really thanks for the help!!!!

    • Anytime Sameer. The last year NMAT was petty easy and the standard is same as the earlier years. U need to be fast enough and take correct decision to allot the time for each section. If carefully planned, one can crack it 🙂

  9. raj says:

    Hi,i cannot find download link of nmat papers..plz help whr is it posted??

  10. hanish says:

    hey i can see the link but the download doesn’t start!!
    can u plz mail me??

  11. Pankaj says:

    Hey, under the Happy downloads box, there is no link available .. 😦 Could you plese help me…

  12. Sarita says:

    Hi Sunil, thanxs for paper you really did a great job…

  13. mini says:

    the download box is nt responding sir…

  14. Kushal Agarwal says:

    plzzzzz snd me nmat paper

  15. Kushal Agarwal says:

    i got the material.i have been lukin 4 it all arund.u r site has a simpl procedure.thnx buddy!!!

  16. Steve says:

    Can anyone forward that download to me. Thanks.

  17. neha says:

    Hey thanx a million . . cud u provide with some other papers as well like SNAP, TISS . . will be really nice of you to help the current aspirants as well . . !!

  18. jatinder says:

    thx a lot sir…
    i m preparing for mba pharm and will appear in mnth of u have any idea of cut off for mba pharma????i have heard to get into mba pharm is not that much hard as compare to others bcoz of less nmber of it so sir??looking forward for reply.

  19. RADS says:


  20. ila says:

    Dear sir,
    i have downloaded the nmat papers but the file is not opening . pdf format also not suupporting it . kindly help

  21. Rohit says:

    hi Sunil…. thank you so much for all those papers. I was searching for them all over …U saved me a lot of toil man.. 😛 Thanks again.

  22. Anoop Pillai says:

    i want nmat papaers of previous years.. can u plz help me n mail it 2 me on

  23. Anoop Pillai says:

    or els help me, from wher shud i dwnload d paper??

  24. Anoop Pillai says:

    n there is no hyperlink available on d happy download section.

  25. almera says:

    the NMAT MATERIAL document cannot be open with my microsoft 2003…can you pls convert it.? pls/…i really need it sir…thanks

  26. Noddy says:

    Thanks a millenium Sunil.!

  27. Noddy says:

    it wud also be really helpful if u could upload some of other exams papers CAT/FMS/SNAP/XAT etc . Thanks in anticipation.!

  28. hitesh says:

    i want all nmat papers urgently pls help me

  29. Nisha says:

    thnx a tonne 🙂 its of gr8 help

  30. mary says:

    Hi Sunil! Thank you for the nmat papers.It’s a big help.=)

  31. AMRITHA says:

    hey sunil … thanks so much for the papers .. really appreciate u taking time off to upload them 🙂

  32. Sarath says:

    hey sunil…you really done awesome job..
    only some could do altruistic work.
    You rock man..
    Thanx a tonn
    I too keep some materials in my blog…

  33. vaibhav says:

    plzz send me previous year cat exams sunil…………….thnxs in advance

  34. shashank says:

    sir, can u send me solution for nmat 2007 and 2008…because there are lots of question in paper which are not correct….or u can say answer doesn’t match properly…my exam is on 1st dec(of NMAT)

  35. Ricks says:

    Hi I have downloaded it but not able to open. What is the format? and how i can open it?

  36. DYAN says:

    hey sunil, i cant seem to open the document. i’ve already downloaded it. but i cant open it. please help 😦

  37. Nitin Sahu says:

    Thanks Tonss sir, NMAT being my prime focus I had tried every thing out in google for the papers, u r a real saviour, thanks again n plz do keep uploading some more papers if u can 🙂

  38. ishan says:

    i have downloaded papers but it cannot be read suggest a way out thank u

  39. darpan says:

    thank u so much sunil……..i cnt convey u thanx in my words…..
    thanx a tonne

  40. nihar says:

    cani download yar………
    found happy dwnload but cudnt dwnload……
    pls help……..

  41. piyush saglani says:

    HIIIIIIIIIIII FRIEND I M NT ABLE 2 FIND THE LIMK CAN U PLZ EMAIL ME ON THIS ID ; plzzz friend forword me its so urgent yar

  42. Jaira says:

    hello there, I couldn’t find the link on nmat papers.. i’m taking up my nmat exam this coming Sunday and it would be a very big help for me if i could browse and review on them, could you help me on this please? thankyou so much ;))

  43. saurav says:

    thank you sunil…if possible please try to upload the recent question in papers of 2010 and 2011..that will be helps in keeping track of the changing pattern..and is there any chance of your providing the info for the expected cut off..thank you once again for the papers..

  44. pallavi says:

    thanks sunil

  45. pallavi says:

    thanks sunil!!


    hey can u tel me what is the strategy to prepare for nmat……………………………………….

  47. varun kumar says:

    hi sunil i need the last 4 year papers of nmat with solutions is it as tough as cat or are cat and fms more tougher????

  48. enigma says:

    thnx….its actually on the left hand side..:)

  49. Nirja says:

    Thanks a ton! Its really helpful to have an overview! You have done a great job!

  50. Abhishek says:

    hi sunil

    Thanks for the good collection of NMAT papers….

    It worked a lot fr me…

    good job bro..

  51. bhargav modi says:

    hey gregarious person
    hey sunil bro u r doing awesome job….keep it up…!!!
    jst luv d way u express ur self…!!!
    n websit n features r jst mind blowing…i got d material for nmat…!!!
    thanx thanx a lot…!!!

  52. rajat garg says:

    Please mail me previous yr NMAT papers with there solutions @ . I would be thankful to you 🙂

  53. jun says:

    i cant find the download button

  54. Praveen says:

    Hey Sunil,… I dont find the papers any more.. Can you or any body else who has it repost it..

  55. Om says:

    Thanx dude……

  56. Sid says:

    cant find from where to download the papers

  57. vaidehi says:

    even i m not able to see that boxx

  58. vaidehi says:

    hey please help me out wid the paper download…

  59. vaidehi says:

    thanksss a lot….. i got it

  60. hasnain kanchwala says:

    hey sunil cud u plz help me out wid hw to prepare 4 nmat

  61. Tanvi says:

    hey i am not able to see the download button..please help me with it

  62. bhavya says:

    hey m unable 2 see d download button could u plz mail me d previous years nmat papers on

  63. pooja says:

    can u pls help me with last 4yrs nmat pprs??i m nt able 2 find dem…as well as TIME pprs…

  64. shraddha mahajan says:

    hello sunil sir… as from this year .their is ni negative marking in NMAT.. so sir plz tell me wt wud b d expected cut off out of 120 marks…

  65. Nishant says:

    Thnaks a lot !!

  66. priyank mehta says:

    Can any one help me with Previous year NMAT papers . my ID is ….
    thanks in advance 🙂

  67. NIKHIL says:

    hey sunil thnx, can u get some more preparation materials for NMAT 2012?

  68. sandeep dass says:

    i cant find it either please help

  69. smriti says:

    heyy…m unable to see the download button………..please tell me how to dwnload??

  70. Rajeev says:

    i can’t see the download button as well

  71. ritika says:

    hey I am not able to see the download button…plz help me with it…its very less time left with my exam..

  72. AKSHAY says:

    thanks a lot for papers

  73. sakshi says:

    YOU have bo idea hw mch u hv helped me ….. thanx a it vry tough??

  74. moses says:

    Hi Sunil, I see that you have helped a lot of nmat aspirants. Do you have sample papers of NMAT (T) for the MBA (Tech) course of NMIMS ?

  75. somya says:

    hello sir, du u hv recent papers too?? plz mk dem available for downloading.
    n wht is the level of NMAT?

  76. Saptarshi says:

    sir, its really gettin difficult to download such large files. why are the files sized so big? i urgently require sum NMAT sample papers as my exam is upcoming shortly. Plz help.

  77. ronak says:

    where can i get NMAT(P) papers?? plz mail me on

  78. Aashika Jain says:

    hello sir,will this downloaded matter help for NMAT since d exam hs gone online…sir plzzzzzz replyyy its a request





  81. sasi says:

    i can’t find the papers,can u plzmail me

  82. ashish says:

    I wants NMAT paper for idea and which type of question are asked in exam

  83. Karthik says:

    Good Work … Thanks for papers !! But if anyone has updates about last year pattern /type of ques please share with us !!

  84. Subramanian says:

    sir can u plss upload such mock papers and materials of CMAT….thnxxx for NMAT help

  85. vidit jain says:

    Thank u for the guidance Sunil sir !!
    Hats off to ur efforts keep up the good work and we r sure bound to excel if given proper guidance by u …

  86. swati says:

    Hi Sunil, I have been trying to download the NMAT papers…but the download doesn’t start at all..! the link active?

  87. girish mangilal mehta says:

    sir send me nmat sample papers atleast 10 papers

  88. Deepak says:

    Sir, can u please share the link to download NMAT papers…i’m not getting it…please help me out.

  89. Khushboo Matta says:

    Hi sunil,

    I m gng to give the exam this year. i m nt able to find the happy downloads. can u please mail me dat papers. it will be really very helpful.

  90. shubham chaudhary says:

    thanks a lot bro…..i really needed these papers..doing gr8 job……thanks again…..
    on an average how much marks should i get in nmat exam to clear the cutoff this year???

  91. anshul says:

    Thanks …

  92. sagar says:

    Hello sir….This is my first attempt at nmat 2012…can u please provide me a complete info about the paper format , the syllabus ,and the strategy i should propose to qualify this exam…kindly help me on this…
    my email id is

    thanks and regards..

  93. Nisarg says:

    m not able to find out the link which you are tellin plz help me

  94. Swats says:

    Dear Sunil,
    Appreciate you help..I am unable to find the NMAT papers for last few years as per ur comment in the introduction. Could you send it to

  95. bhavin says:

    Thanks a lot..:)

  96. Abhi chhabra says:

    thanks alot

  97. Siddharth Jindal says:

    Thanks Sunil..Best of luck to everyone 🙂 🙂

  98. Siddharth Jindal says:

    1 thing i would like to confirm – Is there no negative marking in NMAT-2013? I saw this on some links.

  99. Jyoti says:


    If there is no negative marking in NMAT then why is the score not a multiple of 3?

    My brother scored last 179 year, it’s not a multiple of 3.

    So I am confused is there any internal negative marking criteria?

    • There is no negative marking. The score you get is a normalized score. In case if there is internal negative marking, then it is for all the people. So, dont worry and dont forget to attempt all 🙂
      All the best!

  100. Harshi says:

    Sir the dwonload link is not working..kindly check it..

  101. Rahul Arora says:

    Hi, Can you provide me with the last 2 years NAMT PAPERs….is there any negative marking in this NMAT xam. what is the ratio of question do I need to attempt in order to get good score to crack nmat.

  102. Neha Jha says:

    PLz mail me NMAT question papers ….plz!!

  103. Sahil Chhapia says:

    Thank You very much for posting this!!!!

  104. nidhi says:

    thank you.

  105. apoorva says:

    thanks a lot!!!

  106. Sriyans Patwa says:

    Hi Sunil….. can u mail me the NMAT papers. It seems the download link is not working.


    TiA. 🙂

  107. Kitty says:

    Does NMAT have GK?

  108. Rath Debasis says:

    thnx for the nmat mock tests. i was looking for the same, especially one with detailed solutions. and now i have 2 😀 thanx 2 u

  109. Ameya says:

    Dear Sir pz mail me NMAT 2008 & 2007 solutions

  110. Aanchal says:

    Dear Sunil,
    Am unable to find the ‘Happy Downloads’ link. Could u plz mail me the papers??
    My mail id is
    Thnks. 🙂

  111. Aanchal says:

    Hi Sunil… I can’t find the link “Happy Downloads”… Could you please help me out..?????? 🙂

  112. Amaresh says:

    can you please send me the papers. below is my mail id:

  113. piyush varade says:

    sir, can u forward me NMAT papers.
    thanking in anticipation.

  114. Husain says:

    thanks buddy! 🙂

  115. Vishak says:

    Hello Sir, would be grateful if you could mail me NMAT papers to Thank you in advance!!

  116. JGS says:

    Hello Sir, can you please forward me the NMAT papers in, thankyou in advance! 🙂

  117. Katherine Cabildo says:

    Hi! How can I download the said papers? can you please send it to my email, it’s Thanks! =)

  118. Vinay arora says:

    Sunil sir, pls send me 5 years previous question papers of 2007-2010 pls

  119. Vinay arora says:

    Sunil Sir pls send me NMAT 5 year previous question paper with answer keys

  120. Ahraz Akhtar says:

    I couldn’t find the link to d/l NMAT papers in Happy Downloads section at the bottom of the page. Please help me.

  121. How can i download this? my mail id is

  122. Riya says:

    Hi Sunil!! Can you please mail me the previous years NMAT papers along with its answers? my email id is

  123. nakul yadav says:

    thnx a lot sir………….. the material is f great help

  124. vinit says:

    thanks a lot bro..


    hello sir…the link appears to be broken…only 2007 nmat could be extracted from rar files..please mail me the mocks and nmat previous year papers…

  126. pragya jena says:

    sir, i am not being able to find the link, could you please email me previous years question papers. my id is

  127. Prasoon Shrivastava says:

    HI Sunil
    can u send me the papers of NMAT
    my id is

  128. reddy says:

    hey can any one send me the previous papers of NMAT
    My mail id is

  129. murthy says:

    hi boss.can u mail me the previous papers of nmat plzz.

  130. kunal says:

    sir can u pls mail me the question papers my email id

  131. Subha Parasuraman says:

    Sir,can I get NMAT papers to my mail id id is

  132. sampita dey says:

    Hey Sunil,
    Can you please tell me where is the download link..
    couldn’t find it thought scrolled up and down several times

  133. aayush awasthi says:

    Sir plz mail d question paper on nmat is tomarrow.plz

  134. Praveen says:

    Thank you sunil gaaru 🙂

  135. neelam says:

    thanku sir

  136. Ekta rawat says:

    hello sir can u plz mail me previous nmat que papers coz m having prblm in dwnloading the files ….thnku sir

  137. edricz sanchez says:

    Hi All, is there anyone of you can send NMAT exam.. Please send an email to

  138. JAM says:

    😦 i cant see the link.. sir can you plz hlep me up..
    Please send it to my email..
    thank you so much.. highly appreciated 😀

  139. haresh shah says:

    hey i cnt download d paprs cn u jst mail me paprs with solutn on my email id

  140. Atisha Gupta says:

    hi !
    where’s the link to download ?

  141. Ayan Das says:

    Hi, I cannot find the download link..please mail me in my email id

  142. armin says:

    hey sadly I could not find the Happy DL box so if possible could you please send the papers to

  143. Abha says:

    Sir, I could not find the Happy DLs box so if you could please send the papers to my id:

  144. akriti says:

    hi sunil, I am unable to find the link. Could u please share the pprs in mail?? MY MAILID:

  145. naiharika says:

    can you pls send me the question paper of nmat 2010,2011,2012,2013 on my mail
    my email id is

  146. richa says:

    plz send me nmat previous years papers nd sample email id is

  147. lyn says:

    Where’ s the link?

  148. lyn says:

    Pls email the nmat papers, can’t see it

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