The Last Message

Oct 9, @ Gitam Central library

      He was standing at the library entrance. His eyes were busy searching for someone.  He looked at his watch. It was not working.  Just then, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He took out his Nokia-1100 mobile phone, used to the maximum possible extent.

 “1 txt msg received”

He opened it and read. He banged his leg on the marble floor and walked towards the Bhimas.

5 hrs later… Saddharma Sadan , room no – 405

“What happened dude? You seem to be worrying of something. Any problem?”

He remained silent, his fingers pressing hard against the mobile screen. He looked at his friend and then at the gift wrapper on his table.

“Did you meet..”

“March 22, Hot Breads”, he interrupted his friend and took a sip of vodka.

“March 22, Hot Breads? What are you saying about?”

“I’ve seen….. for the first time”, he gasped. “It was magical. It still lingers in my eyes”, he puffed his wills cigar and looked at the wrapper again.

Taking a sip of vodka, he continued to speak “It’s been a week. But I find it a very long time”

 He took out his mobile and typed “Good night. Chweet dreams” and sent the message.

They talked for some more time and his friend left.  He threw the vodka bottle on the floor. He wrapped himself in the blanket on the bed. He felt the same warm feeling he had once, not too long ago.

1 hour passed.

 He was still unable to sleep. His thoughts haunted him. He felt the immense need for one more bottle of vodka.  He took one from his cupboard and walked to the stairs. In a minute, he was on the terrace. There was no one around. He felt solace in the cool breeze. The owl on the banyan tree, in front of the hostel, hooted. He looked on to the sky above and saw the moon hiding behind the fast moving clouds.

  He walked to one end of the terrace. He emptied the vodka bottle and threw it away. It shattered into pieces. There was nothing more to accompany him. He climbed the covering wall of the terrace. He felt the wind blowing fast. He took out his mobile and typed

 “Take care. Bye forever”

He sent the message to her. He looked at the sky above and smiled. He took one step forward and within few seconds, he was lying on the portico in a pool of blood. The mobile fell beside him.

 1 txt msg received.  His mobile beeped.

 With all the energy he had, he took great effort in opening the message. It read,

 “I am sorry for what has happened last week. I love you a lot.”

Reading it, he took his last breath…


151…Experienced Certainty

Once up on a time, there was a placement drive in a reputed private university in the beautiful city of Vizag. The placement drive was conducted by a very well known and established company that makes you experience Certainty. They were very certain in what they want from this college. They did things as per their plan and recruited 151 students. These 151 students were on Cloud 99 as they got into a world class company. Adding to it, they were overjoyed to the thought that they are going to experience certainty, ever experienced by them, in the near future.
Days passed on and the students in the campus slowly Continue reading

Is this TRUE???

GITAM, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management is a college dedicated to its goal in making INDIA – a Knowledge Society. The establishment of the college since 1980 has ever faced any kind of discrimination or complaints of racial, sexual harassment. The words “STRIVE”, “THRIVE” and “SERVE” reflects the soul of GITAM. Started as an ordinary Engineering college, GITAM has raised to a level of DEEMED University, the first engineering college to be credited in Andhra Pradesh. And today GITAM UNIVERSITY stands as one of the premier institutes in India.
A week ago, there was a news bulletin in TV5 stating that students were racially & sexually harassed by some of the faculty of ECE dept. Later there was a posting in the TV5 blog about this issue. Continue reading

Quit as Leader…

I had a dream since my childhood. The dream to be a class leader.I think I was the leader in the second class for about 2 or 3 months. Anyways I don’t remember much about that. After that I was not given a chance to be a leader for a long time. As I grew, the strong liking towards leadership also grew.This is bcoz I can write the names of students talking in the class and I can escape punishments from teacher. I topped the exams in 9th but was unable to get the leader post and the reasons for it are still unknown even today???… Continue reading


Day 1: The long thirsty summer is slowly going down and the rains gradually started to make me cool and relaxed. But, the volcanic explosion in my heart doesn’t keep me as cool as I should be. The nights started to be sleepless and the days passed on as the water on the Niagara Water falls. And finally the day has come. The day that may fulfill the dreams of a few Gitamites, but destroy the dreams of many. Its 3rd JULY and its TCS written exam.

We (EEE Dept.) are told to assemble at 1.30pm at the Ambedkar Seminar Hall. The test was at 2.30pm. As TCS tag line says “Experience Certainty”, Our College administration made us think “Gitam” with a tag line “Experience Uncertainty”. The test started at sharp 7.00pm.Wow! How “certain” it was that our college made us experience “Uncertainty”.

12.45 pm……. Continue reading