Dear Junior…

“Why should I sponsor your fest? What’s in it for me?”

“Who do you want to see in the seminars??”

“Why Council?”


 “No fish market”

“Common! Cut the crap!”

And many more such liners…

The last one week has been fantabulous. Probably, one of my most memorable experiences at NMIMS. I still remember each and every question and the answers I gave when I had my first interview at NMIMS. When I look back and this time from the other side of the table, I would pat myself for some of my answers and probably “facepalm” for most of my answers. The interviews are entertaining yet a grueling process. But at the end of the day, it does give a feeling… a feeling that conquers my heart and puts up a smile on my lips and peace to the mind.

It took hundreds of WhatsApp chats, days of planning and hours of brain storming for “Us” to bring out the largest of its kind process at NMIMS, The Student Council Interviews! We wanted the incoming batch of 2014-16 to surprise us, energize us, attract us with their unique talents and in the process also inspire us to put in our wholehearted efforts to make your stay and experience at NMIMS a truly outstanding and a memorable one.

I might have been rude with you!

I might have asked questions to trouble you!

I might have been aggressive with you!

I might have shattered the confidence you carried to the interview!

I might have tried to portray you as Good-For-Nothing!

And I might have done many more that you may not have liked!

I want You to sit back, look at things objectively…from different perspectives…I hope You might start to know things that you may not be aware of or things that you may not have cared much. There is nothing more joy one can get than discovering oneself.

Trust me….You have surpassed some of my expectations, busted many of my perceptions, and gave me the confidence to start believing in you.  And Yes, I started believing in You!

I once again bow down to the professionalism you have showcased in the entire process and the efforts you have put to get into Student Council. I cherish the entire week interacting with lot of people like you. I hope You might have had similar experience of interacting with Council as well as your batch.

See you soon! Till then, let me know your thoughts 😉

From the desk of a Self-proclaimed author 😛

P.S. Thank you for helping me discover a part of myself that I haven’t explored so far. I can’t ask for more!