Party Animals!!!

During my fourth standard days, I wondered why a man was referred to as a social animal by the social text book. Later Darwin enlightened me with his Theory of Evolution in later stages of my life at school. Confusion cleared!!!

MBA is a one hell of  a course where people have always surprised me with their intellect. Let us take a sample piece and form a Normal Distribution curve (I guess MBA has taken a toll on me as well)

“I wanted a day with 36 hours in it”

“I hope the marketing ppt I need to make is readily available in the first link in google search”

“That hot chick is mine since she belongs to me!!!”

“HR gals are awesome but their brains… they ha…umm…lets take it offline”

“I give zero fucks to you. Fuck off  saale”

The list goes on and on.

What is MBA without parties. Yes, parties…high time!!! You have them every now and then. First you have your class fresher party,  then the student cell party you are member of, then your roomies party, then your state party, then the gang party, then the party of your friend’s friend  and it goes on and on. An then there comes a day you have a party since you had a party long time ago.

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