Dr. Specialist #3

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He regained his senses. He read it again for 3 to 4 times. He took his hanky and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He thought of what doc said.

   “It’s better that you prepare at home. This has caused a lump in your lung. I will give you some medicines and an injection. And this would make you fine

    “When I eat outside food, I can get affected with stomach cancer, may be my intestine could get affected, or may be my liver at the worst, but how come lungs? Neither I smoke nor a passive smoker!! Hmmm…Something is going wrong”, he said to himself.

  He decided to consult a lung specialist. He googled it and found the address of a ‘good and qualified’ doctor. He registered and took the docs appointment.


 “Yes, come in Mr. Sumit.”, the doc said.

 “Thanks, Dr. Vydanath. Thanks for your time.”

   The doc asked Sumit to breathe & exhale and placed his stethoscope on Sumit’s back.

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