Life’s Overloading…

Sometimes you can never think that this is going to happen, but it happens!!! Confused???? Sometimes you expect life to give you nothing, but it gives you shit!!!There are at times when you want to go back and re-live your life in the way you wanted. But you can’t. You want to stay with your friends, but the moment you get this thought,you get the news that they are moving to another place…far from where you stay. You sometimes damn feel like expressing the feelings, but you can’t. You don’t want to move from the place you stay in, but you are forced to move out. Sometimes you want to get nightmares in the night, but you don’t even get some sleep. These are some of the times when you want to damn your life. But in turn, it damns you.

What should you do? What is the plan of acton you must follow to give a big damn response to all these events?

Here are some of the answers one normally comes across….

a) let the life push you around and you just accept it because it’s
after all your life .
b) Just think of these events and cry out till the last drop of tear in
your eyes and feel relaxed and great about what you have done!!
c) Go and stay with your friends. Enjoy these short moments that
lasts for ever. Just tell them what you want to.Just express
yourself. Think positively and act accordingly. All that happens is
for your better life.
d) Just leave this dumb shit things happening in life. And you just
live like a saint or atleast pretend to live like a monk. Things may
get worse or may improve, but you dont care what happens and
just move forward.
e) Unable to understand whats happening in my life. So I won’t
attempt this question.

It all depends on how and what you think, how and What you want to do. It all you who matters. It’s you who need to take the decision. A
decision that can change your life. A life in a way you wanted it to

Still Confused?? Did you feel “What kind of scrappy shit is this post?”…It’s just a random thought of a budding “professional” sittting infront of a 1998 model computer with 128MB ram and 1.3Ghz processor with a system time of 5:41 PM.