Dr.Specialist #2

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Suddenly all his teammates, normally with heads drowned in monitor and hands sunk into keyboard, raised their heads and looked at him with surprise. He was jumping, pointing out his finger to the monitor and then to his ribs. Later when his PL came to know about it, he asked Sumit to leave immediately and consult doctor.


        It’s a small entrance that opened to a narrow walkway that finally lead to a waiting hall where a few people, looking frustrated and exhausted, were waiting for their turn to visit the doctor. A neighborhood hospital, C.M Hospital named after the doctor who was an orthopedic specialist. Sumit sat there for around 10 minutes watching some Tamil serial played on TV (God! Tamil serial?? Can any hospital beat that?). Then a nurse attended him and took his BP readings. She looked at him from top to bottom and said “You have a bit high BP. Please try to reduce it.” He felt more tensed.

2 minutes later.

  “Sir, I was working today and suddenly felt some pain in my ribs. I don’t know why all of a sudden?

May be two days back, one of my friend caught me from my back and held me tightly. May be this was a cause to it.  I think my bones had a crack!!!

  “Is that friend of yours, a girl?” the doc said winking his eye and let out a huge laugh showing his yellow teeth.

 “…..” Sumit not knowing what to say, just smiled.

 “X-ray and ECG tests. Bones are the framework of our body. Very important to see the reports of these tests”, the doc said as an answer to the expression put up by Sumit on hearing about the tests.

15 minutes later, Sumit back in doc’s cabin. The doctor looked at the x-ray and ECG report for such a long time as if that contained some secret map to find Solmon’s hidden treasure. He looked disappointed and nodded his head like how the doc does after coming out of the operation theatre in movies. All these expressions of the doc made Sumit more worried and tensed that he felt he would get a heart attack.

  “Do you smoke?”, asked the doc.


Do you drink?


Gutka, Paan,…??


Ok..ok…do you eat outside food?

Yes, daily. Three times”, Sumit replied and is still worried over what questions he has to answer.

Hmm…”, the doc let out a sigh and continued “Its better you prepare at home. This has caused a lump in your lung. I will give you some medicines and an injection. And this would make you fine.

Sumit’s face gleamed. He took the medicines and injection. He returned home happily. As his daily routine, he opened the lappy and opened the facebook. He wanted to see what lump in lung is. He opened the google and searched “Lump in lung” and clicked “I am feeling lucky”. The search opened up a website that said

 “A lump is a formation of mass in the lung. It is a kind of tumor developed that might probably result in  99 out of 100 chances of lung affected with cancer“

He almost fainted on reading it.

To be continued…


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