Shocks R oc K s

” I am late. Its already 9.20″

At 9.30 – ” God! The exam must have started”

I was running to the department as i have to write the mid-exams (internals). To my surprise, all my friends were waiting at the corridor with Kamaraju in their hands. Kamaraju is the author of HVE text book. It was quite interesting that our exam was postponed to 20 min. as they were having some meeting. Its really a shock as this kind of situations rarely happen in our dept.

I was about to enter the exam hall and I was shocked to see RK without dress code. I have seen him like this after 2 years as he is a strict follower of all the “rules” given to us in the starting of the academic year. This might be the reason for conductring the exam late.

My friends and I were reading the HVDC material for the afternoon exam. It was really hot with sweat pouring down the body. Around 1.00 pm, Suddenly there was a heavy spell of rain which lasted for about 30 min. Again the Sun was restored. I thought that this is a omen for me which says you get another shock with in an hour or so.

Exactly after an hour, RK had some announcements for the whole class about the departmental function, Faraday. I was a bit impressed as he said we all would do together. So I also can organize the event. This is a sample. Next is the real shock to me that I will never forget in my life.

I came to know that today is his birthday. I gave a birthday bombs on his back. We normally went to Sai Ram Canteen for lunch. He said ” I am going to give a party now. Order now.”
I ordered Veg Fried Rice and Satya ordered noodles (baach!!!). Then we had a friendly chit chat with RK over the Faraday event.

I thought ” God! Is this the same old Rod Rangarao (Rk)? Today is entirely a shocking day!!!!”

Will this stop here or is it going to continue over night? I have to just wait and see…


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