Dreams……A Reality

Prof. Sadanand is standing on the dais, naked. He is made to eat chalk pieces and dance on the floor. “Its really heartful satisfaction”, Anil thinks in making Prof. Sadanand do all these stuff.

Suddenly water gets splashed on Anil’s face. He rubs his eyes to see his mom in front of him, with a broom stick in her hand. “You are getting late to college”, she yells. He wakes up lazily from his bed and move slowly towards the living room. In the middle of the way, he falls asleep on the sofa as usual…..

Bus No. 25p, heavy crowded, starts off emitting out a large amount of smoke. Anil comes running out from the cloud of smoke and tries hard to get a little place on the board. And finally he gets.

Standing (rather hanging) on the edge of the bus gives Anil a lot of pleasure. He likes the cool breeze going through his silky hair. 30 min later, he gets down at Elinda Colony bus stop.

” These auto drivers really sucks us”, Anil thinks watching the over loaded autos. These autos are the only source of transport to his college located 5km from Elinda Colony. “These autos must be fined by the traffic police and…”.His thoughts are interrupted by the bike sound coming from a distance. The bike is not visible due to the sharp curve at the bus stop. “Vroom..Vroom…”, the bike comes and stops infront of Anil. Anil has a wide smile on his face.

Its Abdul with his brand new Apache bike. “Vroom..Vroom..”, the bike goes on with Abdul and Anil towards the college.

Anil is as usual is late for Prof. Sadanand(Saddu) class.He runs towards Electriconics Department. ” I dont understand the fun in attending the classes in time, and moreover for Saddu’s class. He has no damn idea of what he teaches. Its really f***ing to go to his class..” While these storm his brain,he suddenly loses balance and dashes a girl coming from the department.

The girl is completely laid on Anil with her eyes closed in fear. The sweat droplets on her face fell on his fore head. Slowly, the girl opens her eyes like the peacock opens its feathers to dance in rain. Anil is completely in her. She realizes that she is on Anil. She tries to get uo, but slips again due to the watery lawn….


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