Can He?

Can He?
“Yes, he can..”
“No,He cant…”
“Can’t say..”
These are the common posed questions in around us about the MEGA entry of Chiranjeevi…Oh! sorry…. “Padmabhushan Dr. MegaStar Chiranjeevi”….
I think he cant become a CM, but he can win from the area where he is contesting. Already Chandra Babu Naidu and Y.S.R are trying to get the hand on the CM Chair.

Babu has travelled over thousands of miles in the yatra called “MEE KOSAM”. But I feel the name should be as “NAA KOSAM”..

Coming to YSR… He is a mastero in politics. For What? For scams in projects and corruption. Whatelse can you expect from him?
In this scenario, Chiru party is going to be announced may be within a week. Now we have to wait and see, what kind of magic spell will he cast on the people for votes…


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