Moulali HB-Koti-Charminar-IMAX-Lumnbini-Moulali HB(Chalo JTO! #4)

I woke up and looked at my watch to see it strike 7.00. “Need to brush right now. It’s getting late”, I thought and rushed into bathroom to fresh up as well as chalk out a plan for today (People normally say they get a lot of ideas in the bathroom…Of course I didn’t get any :P).

At 9.04 AM, the MMTS to Secunderabad station rushed into platform no.1. I somehow managed to hang on myself on the door step of the train. It’s been really amazing to travel like that. After traveling for a while, I moved into the compartment with great difficulty. These MMTS are completely crowded these days especially during the morning rush hours. But they sucked me like anything during the 45 minutes journey to my destination point, Secunderabad.

At 11.33 AM, Today the sun was up in the sky with its scorching heat. The clouds are hardly visible to me from the 5th floor of my cousin’s apartment. I slowly walked to the bus-stand. I waited there for 45 minutes to catch a bus to Koti. In this mean time, Satya (stupid fellow) is threatening me that he will not be able to come to Koti. I somehow convinced him to come. I never felt like heaven on earth ever in my life, except the moment I saw the bus to Koti. “Oh my God! This Hyderabad really is sucking me”, I thought while getting into the bus.

At 12.45 AM, Koti Andhra Bank Junction. This stupid was waiting for me since 20 min but was giving show-off as if he was waiting for ages. Then we both struggled to go to Charminar and I mean it by saying “struggled”.

The Charminar was more than 400 years old. It stands in the centre of the old city with a splendid and majestic look. We took the ticket to go on top of it. It was really life remembering experience to go there. At least, one must go there once in their life-time. I felt a bit proud for being born in the same state where the Charminar stands. From Charminar one can get a good look of Mecca Masjid, the famous pilgrimage for Muslims. Of course, it became famous for the recent bomb blasts by LeT assholes of Pakistan, which killed tens of people during Namaz. This place was superb and I completely enjoyed the spiritual feel I got here. We came out of the Masjid and went to a café just opposite to Charminar. We ate samosa and a Charminar special item (forgot its name).

At 3.45 PM, in Ravindra Bharthi public toilets. I was washing my face and getting refreshed. We went to IMAX from there. We have been there yesterday also but somehow I felt like a brand new place. We roamed there for a while and stopped at the poster of Mystic India. This poster really attracted me like a magnet and asked Satya whether he would like to watch this movie in IMAX screen. At first, he resisted and of course he admitted as if he was not willing, but in the inside he also wanted to come. But as there is lot of time for the show to begin, we thought of going to Lumbini Park.

At 6.00 PM, beside Buddha in the middle of Hussain Sagar. Satya and I took out a few pics with my mobile N6233. A couple also accompanied us with a lot of people to Buddha. The gal was amazing and as usual the boy was stupid to suit her. They asked to take their pic. This gal looked like an angel in the lights that were meant for Buddha to visible for the people on the bank. Besides this, the boat travel was good.

But the day ended with out going to the movie scheduled to screen at 7.30 PM as we were late to come out of Lumbini Park. But I sure had plans for the last day in Hyderabad and I thought I won’t leave Hyderabad without watching a movie in IMAX.

P.S: The movie in IMAX the next day was one of the shocking situations in my life at theatre. Bcoz i buyed an icecream and was shocked to see the bill came Rs420


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