JTO Exam Day (Cahlo JTO! #3)

JTO (Just Timepass Overloaded)

The long awaited day, June 23rd has come. The day I wrote (attempted) JTO exam. My centre was in Kukatpally. Pandu, Bokka, Kalyan, Jaggu, Ghajini, Niru, Galli, Venu Madhavi , Srujana were my friends who also got the same centre. The exam was damn easy for all; however it was damn difficult to me. After coming out we made many plans whether to go to Imax or Charminar. Some said Hyd Central, Golconda and one said “Let’s go home”.

Ghajini, Bokka, Pandu and I went to IMAX where Rev and Pilanco joined us. From there we rushed in an auto to Snow world. Satya joined here. It was really amazing place. It was really magnificent to create the atmosphere of a cold place, snowfall, snow man and ice ski-ing. It’s really cold out there. So we were given coats, shoes, hand cuffs and socks to wear in there. I got a chance to try the ice-ski-ing. We enjoyed a lot there. We have been there for about an hour. However time passed on very fast as if we were there for a few minutes. We also visited the Rain forest and the dead man’s home above the snow world.

It was around 6.00 pm we came out from this snow world. After this, Satya and I took an auto. I was going to visit Swathi. Satya got down at his stop and I went to her home. She came to pick me at Ravindra Nagar Masjid. It was near her home.

Swathi is a good girl. She was my batch mate for all the labs during engineering and co-anchor for the dept events. Above all, she was also the talk of the class for her beauty. Yup! She had many followers. However I felt that she did not care about this fan following.

Her house, may be I must mention it as a beautiful bungalow. And she has a dog which she refers to as Snooky. Snooky is a german sheperd type. My God! She is almost about my height if it stands on her two legs.

We had a chit-chat on different things like our labs experiences, the dept events, Saraswathi Madam, her sis and her dog, our future plans and of course about Ramkanth. We talked almost for about one and half hours or so. Her grandpa was really interesting person to talk to. He is a nice fellow. Her mom is also always smiling, but her father is fully serious (rarely did I see him smile once in about 15 minutes he was with us). Finally I started from her home at about 9.00pm only to find myself in trouble!!!

The direct bus left just before I reached the bus stop. I had to wait for about an hour to get the bus. Finally I reached to station and took another bus to JNTU and an auto to reach home. Whatever might be the shit with Hyd buses, you can’t resist getting into them, especially at times when you really need them.

It was really a good experience. Snow world, Swathi’s home, long bus travels were a life time sweet memories to remember. But I really understood how much I loved Vizag. In Vizag, one can go anywhere on anything at anytime with in half an hour. The Hyd in this case is damn idiotic city. I love U, Vizag!!!!


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