‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 1: The First Meet

23 December, 2009


“Are you sure?”

I gave a sarcastic look. He left the counter and started to flip through the cards on the table. After waiting patiently for a considerable amount of time, he returned back with my library card. It was an irritating ritual to carry out before the books are issued.

I sprinted towards the ‘Reference’ section to find the book I wanted. I placed it between the two large HR books in reference section so that nobody can find it. I missed the exact location of the book and cursed myself for my over-smartness. Finally, after a treasure hunt of 5 racks and hundreds of books, I found it.

I came back and stood in the long queue to wait for my turn. I looked at the bounded cover page of the big fat book. It had bold letters that read “Power Electronics” by CL Wadhwa.

Difficult subject. Hmm…how will I get good marks! The teacher is also strict and gives no extra marks for good hand-writing. Amygdala Attack!

My thoughts and anxiety was intercepted by the sweet voice on the adjacent queue. I followed the typical look-in-several-directions-before-you-look-at-her diligently.

She wore a white kurti, high heels and her nails were polished black to compliment the sandals color. She had a great physic. She was carrying a thin book and I tried not to find which one. She had a long, curly and beautiful hair. At times, she played with the curls! It was cute.

I was not able to see her face. If I had moved two or three places ahead in my queue, I might have had a chance of looking at her. She had a sweet voice that made it all the more tempting for me to look at her face. I was desperate to find who she was. I looked at the book and it took no time to realise that she belongs to ‘Mighty’ Mechanical.

The queue hasn’t moved a bit since time immemorial and I stamped my foot firmly on the floor to show my disappointment. It made a loud noise. Suddenly, I became the center of attraction and everyone started to look at me. I felt embarrassed.

I slowly turned my head to find out if she’s looking at me. Yes! She was looking at me.

She had big eyes which turned me on instantly. She has a pointed nose, bigger upper lip and a cute lil lower lip.

“She is damn beautiful”, I said to myself.

She was looking at me. In fact, it was long enough that I can term it staring!

Wait! I have seen her before…long before i joined the college…but where??

The thoughts were running at the speed of the light, may be even faster.

“St. Joseph”

We both said and at the same time. She smiled at me and I..I was lost…forever!

To be continued…

P.S. Good to be back to blogging after a hiatus of 6 months. Frequent updates from now on!

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2 comments on “‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 1: The First Meet

  1. Ahem! Ahem! Can i have a quick part 2 n Last meet as well 😛

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