REWIND 2009…

It’s already Dec 30 and I haven’t still come out of the “2009 hangover”. I am still wrapped up in the memories of 2009 and I am not in a mood to loose this wonderful year. Many years have passed and many years are yet to come, but there will be very few which will remain with me forever and 2009 is definitely one among them.

Jan – Started out with New Year hungama wishing the entire Vizag from the golden sands of RK beach. 15 friends, 6 bikes with tank full of petrol (no need to write what we did…Hope you understand). I am completely confused whether to go for TCS or M.S.

Feb – It was a month full of night outs, working too much on system, hanging out with Sathi and Shakur on bike. I started developing a website with Sathi & Shakur.

Mar – My birthday was on 22nd Mar and I celebrated along with my friends in Araku Valley. We completed the website and launched it. Got output for 8th semester project. Hanging out with Gowri, Venki and Santosh everyday was fun.

April – Exams time! I gave my last exam on April 30 which put a stop to the continuous journey of nearly 19 years of exams and studies.

May – It’s time to move. I went to Kolkata, Bokaro and Bhojudih to visit my relatives. Had wonderful time and explored North India. It was awesome.

June – BSNL JTO exam in Hyderabad. It’s fun to be in Hyd once again with all my friends. Started jogging and stopped doing that again.

July – My sis came to Vizag and we had fun. A period of “nothing” started.

Aug – Trip to Mumbai. Had fun in shopping, travelling in local trains, eat outs and hang outs. Visited my parents in Anantapur after a long time. Back to Hyd again, but this time being the most memorable one…spending time with my best friends Mads and Sathi. We went to shopping, Imax and I still think of the late night chats in the train and the funny incidents in the journey. Completed reading “P.S.I Love You” that made tears run down from my eyes.

Sept –Going through the worst phase of my life. Nothing to do even though spending sometime with cat preparation. Started to ping more often in Orkut, face book and the scrap sites.

Oct – Sathi and Shakur back in town. Went to Alumni meet and another memorable day with friends in Rushikonda. Still fighting hard to keep myself engaged to keep away boredom.

Nov – High time in preparing for CAT. Went to Bengaluru. At last, Completed “Meow” exam.

Dec – Rocking time in Bengaluru City. Fun with family. Went to Anantapur to meet parents. Atlast, the long awaited “Tour of Yerada” was successfully accomplished with 11 friends. It’s always fun to be with friends. Hoping to meet them again on Dec 31 and rock Vizag and greet the people of Vizag from the Golden sands of RK beach.

But this year taught me 4 new things I have never been taught of.

  1. How difficult is to do nothing?
  2. Why you need friends in your life?
  3. I became “Blogoholic” and met some wonderful people like Mohan, Srinath in the blogosphere.
  4. Travelling teaches you in looking life from different perspectives

P.S. I am blessed to have Mads and Sathi with me through this wonderful phase of my life, without which life would have been the other way. Life at its best is all I’ve to say about 2009


6 comments on “REWIND 2009…

  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. @ Reseller Hosting: Thanks 🙂

  3. Mohan says:

    That is quite an eventful year! Happy new year and have a much better and successful year.

  4. @ Mohan – I read that post. The post was abt the posts in your blog 🙂

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