‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 2: St. Joseph’s

In case you haven’t, you can read the first part of ‘Diary of an Introvert’ : The First Meet before you read further.

10 June 1995

“I want to sit at the corner”, I said firmly banging my fist on the desk.

“I am sitting here. And Francina Ma’am told me sit here”, she fought back.

I couldn’t do much on hearing the name of Francina. She is a nightmare to us. I placed my bag in the drawer and sat in the middle of the bench. I hated it. I hated her.


Weeks passed by…

They became a good friends. They were partners in crime and experts of ‘flames’ game. She was lean, tom-boyish and the one who shied away from new people. She looked innocent but at the same time would fight back fiercely on what she believed belonged to her. He liked her innocence and friendly nature. He was bullied a lot in the school and an introvert.

10 June 2000

My dad was supposed to get transferred to another city and I dropped out of school to join a school in a new city. But the orders were cancelled. I was re-admitted and allotted a different section. She is now not sitting beside me. I felt the void. I don’t have her to share my ‘PJ’ or bitch about teacher dictating notes the entire lecture. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the day.


Weeks passed by…

It was difficult for him to meet her during the short interval breaks. She now had a new set of friends. He, like before, had hardly any. To fill the void, he started to spend time with books. He was scoring top grades and way too immersed in studies than he had ever expected. But his heart skipped few moments whenever he saw her in the corridors. They hardly spent time with each other and the meetings dwindled from once in a day to once in a month or two.

31 April 2003

I topped the board exams at the school level. She got good marks as well. We met each other after 3 long months. We spent good time after many years. We relived all the days whenever we were bench-mates. I loved her company. I am not sure of her’s. May be, she might as well. She is leaving St. Jospeh’s and joining another school for 11th and 12th. The thought of not meeting her again in future troubled me a lot.


5 years later….

“St. Jospeh”

That’s how they started their conversation in the library of Nehru Institute of Technology (NIT).

To be continued…

Read the third part: The First Kiss


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