Dear Junior…

“Why should I sponsor your fest? What’s in it for me?”

“Who do you want to see in the seminars??”

“Why Council?”


 “No fish market”

“Common! Cut the crap!”

And many more such liners…

The last one week has been fantabulous. Probably, one of my most memorable experiences at NMIMS. I still remember each and every question and the answers I gave when I had my first interview at NMIMS. When I look back and this time from the other side of the table, I would pat myself for some of my answers and probably “facepalm” for most of my answers. The interviews are entertaining yet a grueling process. But at the end of the day, it does give a feeling… a feeling that conquers my heart and puts up a smile on my lips and peace to the mind.

It took hundreds of WhatsApp chats, days of planning and hours of brain storming for “Us” to bring out the largest of its kind process at NMIMS, The Student Council Interviews! We wanted the incoming batch of 2014-16 to surprise us, energize us, attract us with their unique talents and in the process also inspire us to put in our wholehearted efforts to make your stay and experience at NMIMS a truly outstanding and a memorable one.

I might have been rude with you!

I might have asked questions to trouble you!

I might have been aggressive with you!

I might have shattered the confidence you carried to the interview!

I might have tried to portray you as Good-For-Nothing!

And I might have done many more that you may not have liked!

I want You to sit back, look at things objectively…from different perspectives…I hope You might start to know things that you may not be aware of or things that you may not have cared much. There is nothing more joy one can get than discovering oneself.

Trust me….You have surpassed some of my expectations, busted many of my perceptions, and gave me the confidence to start believing in you.  And Yes, I started believing in You!

I once again bow down to the professionalism you have showcased in the entire process and the efforts you have put to get into Student Council. I cherish the entire week interacting with lot of people like you. I hope You might have had similar experience of interacting with Council as well as your batch.

See you soon! Till then, let me know your thoughts 😉

From the desk of a Self-proclaimed author 😛

P.S. Thank you for helping me discover a part of myself that I haven’t explored so far. I can’t ask for more!


Who’s my Role Model?

“Who is your role-model?”, She asked looking into my eyes.

“I don’t have one!”, I replied.

How come you don’t? See your friend Santosh has one, Bhavana has one. whom do you want to be…”

“I want to be like Mahesh Babu…”, I replied stopping her mid-way.

This was an anecdote narrated by a 5 year old to his father in crowded bus I took on my way back to the home from office. And this made me wonder….Who is my role-model?

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An Untold Story!!!

She…She stood there, with her left hand holding her freely left right hand at the wrist and her legs slightly crossed. The heels of the cream colored sandals complimented the light navy blue formal trouser that she wore. The short white top and the scarf she wore today are like made for each other. Her gleaming eyes were like two diamonds and are lovely to watch. I just can’t take my eyes off her. The eyebrows are sharp and are like the inverted Nike swoosh. Her nose is beautifully carved just like the epic idols on the Kajuraho temples. Her lips were sensuous and I feel like planting a kiss on them every time I see. Her cheeks are not that chubby but are so tempting to me that I always wanted to touch them with my fingers.

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We are Matured is as obsolete as Symbian OS!!!

I read somewhere that India is the most diverse place on earth after African Continent. I heard someone saying that India is the place to be. I was taught in social studies during my schooling that India is a perfect example of Unity in Diversity 

But a recap of events in past two months, be it Delhi rape case, be it the rape-cases that followed it, be it the Indo-Pak relations, be it Viswaroopam issue, I believe that the three statements I wrote above were like the obsolete Symbian OS of Nokia. This brings in the question,

“How far have we matured as a society?” 

Unfortunately, the answer would be a big  NO.

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Wallet Lost. Found Compassion!

19 Jan 2013

 I boarded the 218 bus number from JNTU and my destination was NIMS Hospital bus stop. The bus was not that crowded and I was lucky enough to get a seat. After 10 minutes, the conductor arrived for punching the tickets. I took out my wallet and gave him a hundred rupee note. He punched a ticket of Rs.11 and gave back the change. I placed the notes in my wallet and held the wallet in my hand. I was chitchatting with other friend of mine who accompanied me till Mytri Vanam bus stop. All this while, the wallet was safe in my hands, and my hands on my backpack.

30 minutes passed.

My friend alighted at his stop and I took out my ‘dabba’ Nokia phone to check mails. All this while, the wallet was safe in my hands, and my hands on my backpack. Continue reading


Ever since the rape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi took place, there was a sudden uproar in the capital. It was truly a shocking moment for all us to learn about the incident. The police, sensing the anger in the society, were quick on their feet and arrested the guilty. The media covered the entire sequence of events right from the day the rape-survivor was admitted to hospital till today and will continue to do so in the coming weeks too. There was a sudden increase in the discussions and the debates in media about the sexual abuse and attacks on women in the society. There were flash mobs in the capital which tried to break into Rastrapathi Bhavan. This was followed by police lathi-charge, water guns and tear gas, finally resulting in a death of a police constable.

The Government, sensing the trouble in around the corner, was quick enough to take preventive steps. Our silent man, Manmohan ji, finally broke the silence by briefing the nation and assured protection and safety to women in the country. Of course, this briefing was more in news because of ‘Teek Hai’ episode. Now, every day or so, I get to see the news link from IBN Live about the rape incidents occurring in India. Atleast about 2 or 3 rape cases are being reported by media. This makes me wonder whether we are in such a devastated state of raping our women as our daily routine.

This brings me to question myself, “What’s happening to our society?”

Having grown up studying about the culture and heritage of our country, I always regarded our society as a much matured and widely respected in the world for the values and practices we follow. But of lately, all this seems to be a myth. I am deeply saddened to know that what I read in the textbooks seems to be far from reality.

I was told that women were respected in our society. We personified our India and states in the form of women. Our Parliament provided women with 33% reservation and there was a bill ‘long’ pending to provide 50% reservation. We have seats earmarked for women in buses and trains. We have special ladies trains and cabs running in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. We have exclusive women police stations in many states. Having said all these, at least 4 to 5 women are sexually abused or harassed or raped as you read this. Where are we heading?

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The ‘F’ letter word

Life is not a straight path between birth and death. It is like a silk thread twisted umpteen times and is full of twists and turns, ups and downs. We all aspire for something to have in our lives.

A few might get what they want and the most of them, like me, are still finding what exactly makes them get it what they want. But still the journey continues, no matter you get or don’t get what you wanted.

Life is the best mentor one can ever get. Only thing is that you should be willing to take cues from the life and live it to the fullest.

Today, I wanted to share things that most of us would have aspired at different stages of my life and what one can learn from them. Rather, what life teaches us from them as our best friend!

@ 5 years – wanted to play with as many toys. Wanted to break them, remove the screws or levers and see what’s inside

@ 10 years – wanted to become a cricket player. Very possessive of your friends, things, toys and many more

@ 15 years – Wanted to have a gang of 15 to 20 friends. Hang out and enjoy as much as one can

@ 20 years – a couple of good friends for life and an aspiring career

@ 25 years – a goal in life to achieve and few friends whom you consider them as an integral part of your life

(Stopped @ 25 as I can’t comment on years after that without me experiencing it)

As a 5 year old child, each of us is pure at heart. We had no idea of rich, poor, bad, good, beautiful, ugly, caste, religion. The best part of the life every one of us lived but we had no idea what we were experiencing then.

As a 10 year old kid, you are extremely possessive. You feel offended for silly things, fight over petty issues and consider everyone in your class as your best friend. You get to have the first taste of a feeling called “friendship”.

As a 15 year old boy, you wanted to have a group with whom you share common interests. You wanted to enjoy as if there is no tomorrow. You are proud of what you are, how you are and support your friends to the greatest extent. Sometimes, more than your family!

As a 20 year old teen, you wanted to experience the world as you come out of your college studies. You wanted to have a couple of friends, say 3 to 5, with whom you can share everything. They are your moral supporters and you feel free to share things that you even cant share with your family members (Yes, it is common. Don’t you think?). You feel stronger, more confident, refreshing when you talk to them.

As a 25 year old man, you set a goal, be it personal or professional. And one goal that everyone aspires is to have at least one friend for life time. You may have by then a friend or two with whom you feel you are the real “You”. You feel they are the integral part of your life and with whom you life is incomplete.


This is something what everyone, irrespective of what they are, wanted to have in their life. At least, one!

So, my dear friends…

As a friend, you are one of the most important persons in your friend’s life. Don’t ever try to mislead, cheat, or deceive your friends.

Your friend,