‘Diary of an Introvert’ – Part 3: The First Kiss

In case you haven’t, read the first part: The First Meet,  and the second part: St. Joseph’s, before you read further!

On the road to Saddharma Sadan…

It was dark and he was waiting on the road that leads to the Saddharma Sadan – NIT’s girls hostel. He looked at his watch and it was not working. He looked again towards the gate but couldn’t find anyone except the guard.

Someone called his name from behind. He turned back and was thrilled to see her. She smiled and he smiled back at her.

“What took you so long to come and see me?”, he asked.

She took his hand into her’s and planted a kiss on his fingers. One touch of her completely energized him and he felt as if his heart was crushed by someone to the core. He loved that feeling. Continue reading


An Untold Story!!!

She…She stood there, with her left hand holding her freely left right hand at the wrist and her legs slightly crossed. The heels of the cream colored sandals complimented the light navy blue formal trouser that she wore. The short white top and the scarf she wore today are like made for each other. Her gleaming eyes were like two diamonds and are lovely to watch. I just can’t take my eyes off her. The eyebrows are sharp and are like the inverted Nike swoosh. Her nose is beautifully carved just like the epic idols on the Kajuraho temples. Her lips were sensuous and I feel like planting a kiss on them every time I see. Her cheeks are not that chubby but are so tempting to me that I always wanted to touch them with my fingers.

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Ignorance is bliss!!!

Few days back during one of our late-night brother talks, I was talking to him about the different ways of looking at things in life.  The way I look might be different from the way my brother looks. And the talk took an interesting turn when I announced “No love in this world is pure or divine. Everything is need based. Everything is like a simple business transaction

And I went on to say “Even mother’s love is not pure

Mother's LOVE

Mother’s LOVE

In the dark room with little light from the bed lamp, I could see the ugly frown on his face. He was disappointed to hear it   from me. He has this whole box of orthodox values and disliked discussions on controversial topics like the one I just spoke out.

There was an awkward silence for the next two minutes. I wanted to share my views and have a healthy discussion on this topic. But I am equally frightened with where this discussion might lead to.

My brother broke the silence and said “I am disappointed. I never expected to hear things like this from you. But let me understand why you said this. Go on. Share your thoughts

And I started to explain it to him. Continue reading

The Last Message

Oct 9, @ Gitam Central library

      He was standing at the library entrance. His eyes were busy searching for someone.  He looked at his watch. It was not working.  Just then, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He took out his Nokia-1100 mobile phone, used to the maximum possible extent.

 “1 txt msg received”

He opened it and read. He banged his leg on the marble floor and walked towards the Bhimas.

5 hrs later… Saddharma Sadan , room no – 405

“What happened dude? You seem to be worrying of something. Any problem?”

He remained silent, his fingers pressing hard against the mobile screen. He looked at his friend and then at the gift wrapper on his table.

“Did you meet..”

“March 22, Hot Breads”, he interrupted his friend and took a sip of vodka.

“March 22, Hot Breads? What are you saying about?”

“I’ve seen….. for the first time”, he gasped. “It was magical. It still lingers in my eyes”, he puffed his wills cigar and looked at the wrapper again.

Taking a sip of vodka, he continued to speak “It’s been a week. But I find it a very long time”

 He took out his mobile and typed “Good night. Chweet dreams” and sent the message.

They talked for some more time and his friend left.  He threw the vodka bottle on the floor. He wrapped himself in the blanket on the bed. He felt the same warm feeling he had once, not too long ago.

1 hour passed.

 He was still unable to sleep. His thoughts haunted him. He felt the immense need for one more bottle of vodka.  He took one from his cupboard and walked to the stairs. In a minute, he was on the terrace. There was no one around. He felt solace in the cool breeze. The owl on the banyan tree, in front of the hostel, hooted. He looked on to the sky above and saw the moon hiding behind the fast moving clouds.

  He walked to one end of the terrace. He emptied the vodka bottle and threw it away. It shattered into pieces. There was nothing more to accompany him. He climbed the covering wall of the terrace. He felt the wind blowing fast. He took out his mobile and typed

 “Take care. Bye forever”

He sent the message to her. He looked at the sky above and smiled. He took one step forward and within few seconds, he was lying on the portico in a pool of blood. The mobile fell beside him.

 1 txt msg received.  His mobile beeped.

 With all the energy he had, he took great effort in opening the message. It read,

 “I am sorry for what has happened last week. I love you a lot.”

Reading it, he took his last breath…

All is FAIR!!!

An idle man’s brain is a devil’s workshop

I still don’t get to the bottom of this proverb. It says an idle man, which means the he is doing nothing, literally nothing. Then if it becomes a devil’s workshop, it means that he’s doing something in “devils” way. This means that he is not idle. Then how can devil setup a workshop there?

Where there is will, there is a way

I still do have my very own set of skeptical points regarding this proverb. For example, look at the statement “If I love you, I don’t hate you”. It means that person who hates you doesn’t love you.  Similarly, if you are in a situation where there are infinite chances of finding no way at all, it means the chance that you will have “will” are infinitesimally small. Suppose by chance, if you get the will at that particular situation, there should be a way, which contradicts the scenario itself. Then, what does this proverb mean?

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God’s Death


You are waiting for your exam at the bus stand. The time is running fast and you are getting late to the exam. And your friend coming on a bike and asks you to come with him to the exam. What do you say?

   “Man! You are God! It is because of you I am going to exam on time.”


  India Vs Pakistan Match….Last over…Indianeeds 13 runs to win. Sachin on strike. Everyone watching the match in front of the idiot boxes or in the ground prays for Sachin to hit the 13 runs. Finally, under hell lot of pressure and excitement, he hits those runs and there are celebrations inIndia. We hail Sachin as God. We say he is the God of cricket!!

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My First Valentine…

We all love to love others and get loved by them. It’s basic human nature.  Today on the eve of Valentines Day, my thoughts travel back to my childhood days and my first valentine. Yes, my first valentine at the age of 5 years.

I was in Anantapur when I was about 4 yrs. We stayed at All India Radio quarters in first floor. In the ground floor, right below us lived my first and best friend Vaishnavi. She is a Tamilian. She is a sweet girl and we used to always stay together. She used to study first standard while I was in UKG. We were in same school and travelled in the school bus sitting side by side. We really enjoyed each others presence. We always played together, read together, and at times take nap together under the banyan tree near our home. It’s one of the most memorable times I had in my life.

My other friends always teased us for staying together and they spread the news that we were in love (See how the little minds think at the age of 7 and 8 😛 ). In fact, that was the first time I came across the word “LOVE”. I don’t know the meaning of it then and I thought that we are in love as my friends were saying so. I even told her “I Love You” and she in turn said “I too Love You”. And this was how she became my first valentine of my life. The first kiss of my life was given to Vaishnavi, my first valentine, on the last day of my first standard half-yearly exams. The days were going great with Vaishu beside me and playing together in the ground, in the fields and around the banyan tree.

But this happiness didn’t last too long. The final exams came and with it, the summer holidays too. I left Anantapur and came to Vizag to visit my grand parents. I returned back after a month and I was shocked to know that Vaishnavi’s dad got transferred to Coimbatore. I never saw her again in my life. I missed her very much. May be, she too. This was how my first (last till date) Valentine ended in a bit of tragedy.

This is the story of my first Valentine and I am still single :P. I think everyone has their first Valentine in their life at some stage or the other. What’s your first valentine story?