Konnected @ 70!!!

Hiranandani Towers, Siruseri, Chennai

 ‘Baaanggg’ …The door closes, leaving Sharma alone in the house.  The smile he was wearing on his wrinkled face till now, disappears. He stands up and walks slowly towards the window. Through it, he looks at the car racing from the parking area towards the main gate. In a minute, the car goes off his not so good eye-sight. He looks at the sixty year old watch, presented to him on their wedding day by his wife, and sighs on remembering the fact that he has 10 more hours to kill till someone comes back home.

 Sharma, a retired employee of All India Radio, currently lives in Chennai with his investment banker son and charted accountant daughter-in-law.  After his wife died five years ago, he was forced to relocate to Chennai from his native village in costal Andhra Pradesh.  His day starts with meditation followed by a morning walk in the garden lawns. By the time he comes back, his son and daughter-in-law are still asleep. He turns on the radio (also works as an alarm for his son) and listens to the morning news. After that, he picks up “The Hindu”. In the meantime, his son and daughter-in-law rushes up everything, right from brushing to breakfast. And off they go to reach their respective offices on time. And he is all alone in the ‘posh’ triple bedroom duplex flat. Rarely he watches TV, may be he’s still religiously devoted to radio. He finds it hard in this age to kill time and adding to it is that he finds no one to talk and share thoughts. His only past time is to reread the Hindu paper or listen to ‘Vivid Bharati’ on radio.

And one month back, an advertisement caught his attention in Hindu. It read “Internet is Fun on Vodafone!

Internet is Fun on Vodafone!

The words “Internet”, “Fun” and “Vodafone” puzzled him and he tried to understand what they meant. He switched on his son’s laptop, searched for these key words and was fascinated by the ‘Internet is Fun page’ of Vodafone. He immediately called the lobby and ordered for a Vodafone sim-card. He went to his room and took out a box wrapped in colorful papers from the cupboard. He opened it and took out a “Samsung Galaxy Note”. His son presented to him on the eve of his 70th year birthday. “Useless”, he thought then. But he had some plan to put it use.

Next day, he got the ‘sim-card’. By then, he completed reading the manual of ‘Galaxy Note’. He inserted the sim-card and switched on the mobile. He didn’t know that this would change his life forever.

 He wanted to feel the ‘magic of Fun’ as mentioned in the page. He opened the Vstore and downloaded numerous apps that he found exciting. He also created an account in FB and Twitter.

70 yrs and second innings started!!!”… his first status message in FB.

“#oldAgedMan Trying to become young once again”, his first tweet.

He always wanted to visit his friends and spend some time with them. But then his investment banker ‘son’ never had time for this. But now, he was able to find some of his colleagues, school and college friends in FB. He added all of them and started to chat online through his “FB Chat” app. He was amazed at the magic and speed of the Vodafone Mobile Internet. He no longer felt the need of his son to take him to his friends. He also started posting tweets on philosophy, tips on how to get rid of old age loneliness, and shayaris. He slowly started getting followers on twitter. He has now got an extended family on the internet.                                                      


The days of Sharmaji were no longer alone and boring. In the morning, he opens the ‘Youtube’ and practices ‘Yoga aasanas’ besides meditation and walking. Thanks to lightning speed streaming and buffering of videos. After the breakfast, he spends time on the ‘Note’ playing ‘Chess’ and ‘Angry Birds’ with his virtual gaming friends. After the gaming session, he finishes his lunch only to be followed by the ‘tweeting’ and ‘facebooking’ sessions. He already started following Amitab, ANR, Rajdeep Sardesai and reads their tweets every day.

He was very fond of Ghazals and always asked his son to get him “Jagjeet Singh collection”. And as usual, his son is ‘so busy’. But, Thanks to high download speeds of  Vodafone Internet. He now has his favorite collection of Ghazals in the mobile, downloaded from ‘Music store’. He spends evenings in the gardens listening to them. No more does he need to ‘request’ his daughter-in-law to change the channel for IPL during her serial commercial breaks. He now watches IPL on his Vodafone Mobile TV. He also reads various e-news papers. He does recharge of his mobile online, just with a touch on his wide mobile screen.

In the night, he ends his day by posting a quote on FB and Twitter

#goodNight Celebrate Life. Enjoy every moment of it to the fullest 

God gave you this life to enjoy living it and not to die by just living it! 


 If we just look around us, we can easily find that there are a lot of Sharmas. Always remember one thing: You may be busy but not so busy that you can’t find quality time to spend with your parents. They need someone to share their thoughts, someone to talk and someone to smile at them. They neither need your money nor property. They just need you to spend some time with them.

Thanks Sharma Uncle for sharing your story with me. I think it’s definitely an eye opener to many amongst us.

Thanks Vodafone. Thanks for changing his life forever. He is no more alone. He’s just got the power. Rightly said, Vodafone is “power to You” and indeed “Internet is Fun” on Vodafone! 

 This post is published as a part of Indiblogger’s “Internet is fun on Vodafone!” contest.

Disclaimer: All the images are googled and pasted here 😉

Who said I’m lazy? I’m just having ‘fun’!!!

One day, I was having one of the ‘dad-son’ conversations with my dad on the sands of Marina beach, Chennai. This time, we had got into a conversation about how ‘connected’ we are in this world today. He was telling me about the days when he used to call his friends through ‘trunk’ calls and how they used to write letters. It was entirely different from what we are experiencing now. He was telling me how there was a great sense of pride in having a telephone connection back those days and all of sudden, my ‘Samsung Galaxy s2’ glowed and vibrated with a message tone. My dad stopped speaking as I looked at the screen. He asked me what it was. I told him that it was one of my friends in Belgium asking me about the review of a recent movie. He was so fascinated that I could connect to a person thousands of miles away with a mobile. I said that ‘Internet is Fun’ , especially if you are on Vodafone. He wanted to get some ‘gyaan’ on this ‘Internet is fun’ stuff.

            This was one such opportunity that I didn’t want to miss because I was always at the receiving end of the ’gyaan’. I immediately unlocked my mobile and tapped on the customized opera browser. I opened Google search page and told him that I use this to find out whatever I want.  I showed him how this browser can list the frequent visited sites on my mobile.  Just then, a notification popped up on my screen. It was about my cousin commenting on my FB status. I tapped it and it logged me into FB. I replied back to her comment. I told my dad that his cousin in US has posted some pics of his new house. I opened his album and my dad looked at his new house pics. He also commented and ‘liked’ some of the pics. He was more than happy to have my uncle commenting back as he was also online then.  I asked if my dad wanted to speak to him. He said that an ISD call would be costly and he preferred to call him from landline. I smiled back and asked “Would you like to see him now?” My dad looked confused. I tapped the ‘Skype’ icon on my screen and within seconds, my dad was lost in sharing his experiences of “Internet is Fun” via video call. Meanwhile, I went to buy two Cornetto ice-creams from the ice-cream vendor.

             By the time I came back, my dad was looking worried and handed me the phone quickly as if it was ‘red-hot’. He told me that after finishing the call, he mistakenly pressed some bird image on the screen and it loaded something that made a lot of messages flow on the screen. I looked at the screen and it was my ‘twitter’ account page. I told that there was nothing to worry as it was just the tweets from my friends on twitter. I then took a pic of ours having ice-cream and uploaded it using ‘Twitpic’ app. He was amazed to see various things I could do with Internet access on my mobile. I told him that this magic was only because of the Vodafone internet packs. I also told him about the speed and the download charges. He was in a state of disbelief to know about how much less I had to pay for using the video call using skype few minutes back.

            He was very much interested to know more about how “Internet is Fun”.  He took out his Nokia1100 mobile to call my mom and tell her that we were coming a bit late for dinner. He couldn’t connect as he had no balance left in his account. I told him that I would recharge his mobile then and there. He asked me how I could, as we were in the beach with no recharge stalls in the eye-sight. I again used my Opera to open Vodafone Shop. He got the amount credited to his account instantly. He was thrilled at this. I then opened the ‘Mortal Kombat’ gaming App and threw a challenge at my gamer-friend online. The game started and my dad was looking at how I was playing.  After I finished it, we started to walk again. It was very difficult for me to walk in the sand where as he was walking without any discomfort. I asked him how and he told me about his ‘kabbadi’ days on the sands of Marina Beach. The times have changed and so did the games.

          I also told him about the other apps that I use to send mails, book train tickets, read news papers, buy stuff online and invest in stock-market. Hearing about the stock-market app, he raised his eyebrows. I explained him about the ‘Money Control’ financial app, which I use to track the shares, and the ‘HDFC mobile demat’ app to place the orders. He advised me to be watchful and not be too greedy about easy money in the stock-market.  Deeply involved in conversation about these awesome apps, we were oblivious of the change in weather. It was dark and cloudy. He stood up to leave but I asked him to sit as there won’t be any showers till night. He asked me why and I showed my ‘Weather Channel’ App.

         I got a chance to show him the apps that I use on regular basis. He now understood why I hang on to my mobile for long hours. He had a feeling that I was just wasting my time with that “dirty device” (that’s what he prefers to call my mobile).  I always received ‘gyaan’ from him but giving him ‘gnyaan’ was like ‘once in a lifetime offer’. And I had a great shot at it with the help of “Vodafone” internet pack. Indeed, Internet is fun on Vodafone. Thank You Vodafone. You rock!!!

P.S. We returned home watching NDTV’s “We the People” on Vodafone Mobile TV. 

This post is published as a part of the Indiblogger’s Internet is Fun!  on Vodafone” contest.