Where it all begun! (Bhutan Travel Diaries)

The best part of my story was that it started with my plan to travel to a place I thought I knew like a pro on a bike that I wasn’t sure if I could ride. Welcome to bag packing and travel at will!


Virginity is Overrated!

The white colored innova stops right in front of the gate erasing the muggu* with its tyres. The chauffeur opens the door and a young man in his late twenties steps out. He is welcomed by a garland of flowers and smiles of the crowd waiting for his arrival. The music band starts to play …

Why celebrate Republic Day???

Today is our Republic Day. I have seen flag hosting and patriotic songs sung everywhere. The electronic media was trying to spread the importance of this day in their very “own style”. The newspapers, which I’ve seen in the morning, were completely flooded with anecdotes of important events in the 60 years of Republic India. …