Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo (I AM NOT CHARLIE HEBDO)

2 days back, I woke up to see my social media timeline filled with posts like

“I am Charlie Hebdo”

“This is the death of Freedom of Press! #RIPmankind”

“The only way to respond is to share the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo and see how many people can those terrorists kill”

The messages carried out a strong emotion. The sent out a strong message. I was amazed as to what had happened. I read about the incident from the online pro-active media and was disturbed. It was an attack on the freedom of speech. It was not right to kill them at any cost. Continue reading


Gandhiji..We miss you :(

It’s been over 62 years we are living with out you. We miss you a lot. But the path you have set for us will be remembered, in the hearts of millions of people around the world, for the generations to come.

I still remember me asking my dad Who is Gandhi thatha?”. I think I was 4 years old at that time. (thatha means grand pa in Telugu)

The answer I got from my dad was “Gandhi Thata means Truth. Ahimsa is called Gandhi. I am your father. Similarly, Gandhi Thatha is the father of India. He is the father to me, mom, sis, your friends, your teachers and all of us. He brought freedom to our country

The answer is the one of the best answers I got for the question “Who is Gandhi?”

Recently, I was chatting with my friend in g-talk. We were talking on everything under the sun and I asked him “Who is Gandhi thatha?”

This is what opinion he has on Gandhi and I was really…really disappointed on hearing it and that too from an Indian.

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