Temple Run #1

This is the first post in the series of posts that talks about my experiences in Cambodia. I fondly call it as Temple Run – the title that perfectly sums up my adventures in Cambodia. When I talked about my trip to friends, family or even the backpackers  whom  I met during my journey, I was asked lot of questions. This post is about those questions that were asked by almost everyone.

How it all begun?

Post my bike trip to Bhutan, I made myself a promise – Visit at least one foreign nation in a year. And Cambodia happened this year!

Why Cambodia?

I was not surprised to hear this question. It is an off beat place and not many Indians visit it as they visit other countries. Well, the answer to this is a bit weird. It all boils down to those moments when I was attending a General Knowledge class in 5th grade. There were lot of questions discussed but one question was etched in my memory forever. Continue reading