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My journey of 25 years…..Fortunate or unfortunate, It did turn out into something I had not thought. I always dreamt of becoming an astronaut at the age of 7. I used to read books on space and astronomy. At the age of 11, the 1999 World Cup fever gave me cricket fever and back then I wanted to be like next Ajay Jadeja in Indian team. At the age of 15, I gave tenth board exams and since then, sort of, stopped dreaming of what to become.  Probably the South Indians (ok! its not a racist remark) can understand what would have happened.

Because it’s the same old story. One fellow went in a way and got success. Then the second fella caught his tail and moved up in the success ladder. Then large number of idiots started catching the tails of those on the success ladder and started climbing. I too was made to climb one such ladder. I joined Intermediate in a corporate college who treated us like marks-vending machines. They only made us to dream only one dream i.e. Get a good rank and hence a good seat in a prestigious college to pursue Engineering and so your life is “settled“.  Fortunately, I joined in Electrical Department of Gitam University. The story does not end here….

College is place for dreamers…I heard someone telling me once. Ahaah! I thought I was in the right place. But I took no time for me to understand that I was in a right place but wrongly placed. My department acted as a resistor to the current inside me. So there was a voltage drop (Sorry for my electrical terminology. 4 years of studying Electrical engineering sometimes brings out the electrical geek inside me 😉 ). Four years of Engineering life was spent amidst resistors, capacitors, transformers, motors, and I was completely wired up with transmission lines. There was no creativity that is going on in me. At least the stupid dreams I dreamt were also not coming. The dreams that only came were – Tied around by distribution lines, riding on an induction motor or repairing a resistor. Phew! It’s time to take a breakkkkk…..I did and hence this post.  April 2008 is when I started something that I cherish throughout my life. Thanks to for their free registration of blogs.

(Updated in Mar 2010)

  3rd July, 2008 – I was sucked into a IT through campus placements. Thanks to TCS. Since Feb 2010, I had seen something that I wouldn’t be able to see if  I  work at a power plant. Wondering what I saw?? Thousands of lazy bums “settled” on a ergonomic chair, with hands sunk into keyboard and eyes drowned into monitor. They work as if there is no tomorrow and think as if there is no other way out.  But I am one such lost soul trying to crack if their is a “Ctrl+Alt+Del”  from this!

(Updated in Aug 2012)

2010 and 2011 were years of “rejections“. Personally, I am chasing the MBA dream and professionally, I was working my ass off to bring business to TCS. Those were the years where I rejected a couple of tempting offers to go to Belgium and Malaysia for long term duration. I rejected these offers and the MBA colleges rejected me. For me, Cat was no longer an animal but a 135 minutes exam. Time was spent solving crazy math problems, unidentified reading passages and unsolvable caselets. Friends thought I was crazy, parents were concerned about my career and I, personally, was confused and thought I was pyscho-in-the-making  😛

Finally after 3 years of trail and errors, I was able to realize my dream of MBA. Finally, now a Maha Bekaar Aadmi (MBA) in the making.

And the journey continues…..


10 Replies to “Self-proclaimed Author”

  1. hey sunil ur blog is good,nice,cute,informative,unique,special,cool,hot,funky,stylish,neat,clean,modern….ohh.what m i saying….sory yaar thes words arenot for u but i can say the word what u deserve is …….. ur the best…………………………..

  2. Great work… I did various little things just like this and dreamt several big dreams just like you. The summary would all though summarize to be just the same. It is intresting to see so many dreamers right around me. May be atleast now we could think of making our dreams come true.

    1. @Sasanka: Hey..nice to hear from u man…Great to hear that we were on the same path as far as dreams are concerned…Infact what u told was completely true. Hope we can achieve our dreams..atleast now!!! 🙂

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