Virginity is Overrated!

The white colored innova stops right in front of the gate erasing the muggu* with its tyres. The chauffeur opens the door and a young man in his late twenties steps out. He is welcomed by a garland of flowers and smiles of the crowd waiting for his arrival. The music band starts to play shehnai loudly to make sure they are paid their contract amount in full.

After the mandatory pleasantries, the bridegroom’s family members were seated comfortably in the extra-cushioned couch. The bride’s family members were looking at the bridegroom and were passing on comments about his looks, the dress, the hairstyle and what not! The center table is filled with sweets made of ghee which filled with room with their aroma.

Few minutes later…

She is brought into the hall, accompanied by beautiful and heavily dressed women. The bride and bridegroom see each other and smile. There are those mandatory jokes being cracked and the anecdotes being shared by the older lot of the crowd in the hall.

Few minutes later…

On the balcony, the bride and bridegroom are spending time alone with the intention to know more about one another. The time flies and they seem to get along well. They share their childhood memories, the college fun, the office gossips and every other random stuff under-the-sun.

Few hours later…

The bridegroom and his family leaves the hall leaving the bride’s family brokenhearted.

He decided not to marry her because she is not a VIRGIN. Period.

The fact that he dated quite a few girls during his college and office days besides him not being a virgin didn’t matter at that moment.

There are many such stories like the one above. Many more happening right now as you read and more to happen in future.

 It’s always the girl who is at fault! She is the one who crosses the line, challenges the traditions and acts against the religious beliefs. Sic!

This baffles me a lot. We as a society put in our best efforts to be become more hypocritical in nature day-by-day. I was curious to know what we as a country think about pre-marital sex.

Surprisingly, we are not hypocritical while answering the surveys. God bless!

Courtesy: HT Youth Survey, Aug 2014

This survey clearly reflects the hypocritical nature of our society. 61% of India says pre-marital sex is not an issue but 63% of India expects their spouse to be a virgin! 

It is about time we stop being hypocrites. It’s about time we CHANGE. And we change for good!

But I am still amazed as to why we can’t understand what a girl brings to the table as we are a nation who sees wedding more or less as a business transaction without tax.

For all those guys who bring up the point that they expect a virgin wife since they are virgin, please understand that Virginity is not all that a girl brings to the table. It is not always about the bed-time pleasures. She is a hell lot more than that.

Don’t comfortably sweep your wrongdoings under the carpet and start judging people. Everyone makes mistakes. After all, nobody is perfect!

Get this clear…Virginity is over-rated!

* Muggu, also known as Kolam or Rangoli,  is a folk art from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals.


One Reply to “Virginity is Overrated!”

  1. She’s better off. He’s sounds like a total douchebag. Poor future kids having a double standard like that. I hope she gave him five across the face and walked away.

    Hypocrisy… sigh.. sometimes you just get tired of it..

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