Who’s my Role Model?

“Who is your role-model?”, She asked looking into my eyes.

“I don’t have one!”, I replied.

How come you don’t? See your friend Santosh has one, Bhavana has one. whom do you want to be…”

“I want to be like Mahesh Babu…”, I replied stopping her mid-way.

This was an anecdote narrated by a 5 year old to his father in crowded bus I took on my way back to the home from office. And this made me wonder….Who is my role-model?

As usually, the laziness being one of my assets, I didn’t give much of a thought to that. Days passed but this one question comes back to me whenever I read or hear some inspiring story. I decided to find an answer.

“Whom do I like?”….And I get answers ranging from my family members to the girl next door. But not a satisfying answer to the question.

“Whom do I want to become?”…And I get answers from my filthy rich relatives to the movie stars to the IIM grad turned writers. But not a satisfying answer to the question

By whom would I get inspired the most?”….I still didn’t have an answer to the question.

The question, “Who is my RoleModel??”,  started to haunt me.

“Do I have one?”… “Am I alright?”…“What is wrong with me?”…Some of the other questions that popped up in my mind for which I didn’t have the answers then.

But as months passed by, I was getting to know about whom I liked. Bad guess! It’s not the girl next door but her nephew and niece. The kids are so cute and I loved playing with them. Yeah!! I loved spending time with kids, playing games with them, listening to their stories, their long lists of best friends, the cute fights they have with one another…I loved a lot and I become one of them spending time with them.

Now, why them? Because they don’t value the money, they value your love. They don’t care whether you are employed or not, they care if you can become the rail engine to lead them in the train game. They don’t see your caste or religion, all they care is whether you home is near so that they can gate crash on the weekends. They don’t see you are lean or fat, tall or short, all they care is if you can get the ball hidden by their mom on the almarah top.

Why do I want to become one of them? Because they are not shy. They don’t feel ashamed if they don’t know something. They question the instant they don’t understand something rather than complicating things. They don’t see the gain in everything they do. They are fighters and determined to reach their target. Just like learning how to ride a bicycle no matter they get stiches on their forehead or get their legs fractured. They give unconditional love to the ones they care and respect without any ulterior motives. They put their heart and soul in everything they do.

Why do I get inspired by them? Aren’t the above reasons not sufficient to get inspired?

So, finally, I got the answer to the haunting question “Who is my role model?”

“Kids…They are my role models and the source of my inspiration”



P.S. I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com


3 comments on “Who’s my Role Model?

  1. Shaik SUbhani says:

    Nice post

  2. D2 says:

    Thought provoking. Makes one think about how only the purest form of life should actually be role models for a person.

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