An Untold Story!!!

She…She stood there, with her left hand holding her freely left right hand at the wrist and her legs slightly crossed. The heels of the cream colored sandals complimented the light navy blue formal trouser that she wore. The short white top and the scarf she wore today are like made for each other. Her gleaming eyes were like two diamonds and are lovely to watch. I just can’t take my eyes off her. The eyebrows are sharp and are like the inverted Nike swoosh. Her nose is beautifully carved just like the epic idols on the Kajuraho temples. Her lips were sensuous and I feel like planting a kiss on them every time I see. Her cheeks are not that chubby but are so tempting to me that I always wanted to touch them with my fingers.

The way she stood made me go mad and the voluptuous curves she flaunts makes me want her more. Oh God! I desperately want her, every bit of her… for every second of my life. The dimple she gets when smiling makes me do everything to get that smile one more time. She is so cute and adorable. I like the way she carries herself. She is so kind at heart that makes my heart melt.

My love for her is eternal. My love for her can’t just be chucked into my tiny heart. My heart would be so small to accommodate the amount of love I have towards her. I look forward to see her every day. She walked past me many times but never made an eye contact with me. I was too afraid to make a move then and always cursed myself. There have been times that I was determined to express my feelings but I am completely lost on looking at her.

But today, I gather courage to look at her straight into the eyes and express my love. I dressed myself in my best dress and bought a bouquet of red roses. I came to the place where I see her every day. Today, I was the first one to come. I was looking at my watch and wiping my forehead which was now sweating like hell. There she is…walking towards me. My heart pounded on looking at her. Every step she took raised my heart beat and my determination to express my feelings. Finally, she came and stood beside me. I turned to her.

She saw me and smiled. I waved my hand at her and went one step closer to her. I gave her the bouquet I got for her. She raised her eyebrow signaling “What is this for?

Before she could ask me anything, I took out a folded paper and gave it to her.

She, with the bouquet in one hand, unfolded the paper and it read

 “I can’t speak but would love if we can have a coffee together….as….many things can happen over a cup of coffee???

She took out her pen and wrote something on the paper, folded it and gave it back to me. I unfolded the paper and it read

 “Ever since you started seeing me here, I wanted to ask you for a cup of coffee but did not dare to ask as I can’t hear a word you say. I am deaf… Would you still like to come for a cup of coffee?


She waved the hand at the auto driver and the auto stopped in front of her. She asked the auto to take her to Assilmetta and the auto raced off breaking the silence with a loud thump.

He stood there all alone. He kept his hand in the pocket and took out a paper. He unfolded it and it read “Total Bill: Rs. 200

With Love….


6 comments on “An Untold Story!!!

  1. subhani says:

    Very good…

  2. anupam nandrajog says:

    Sweet.. keep up d good work 🙂

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