Party Animals!!!

During my fourth standard days, I wondered why a man was referred to as a social animal by the social text book. Later Darwin enlightened me with his Theory of Evolution in later stages of my life at school. Confusion cleared!!!

MBA is a one hell of  a course where people have always surprised me with their intellect. Let us take a sample piece and form a Normal Distribution curve (I guess MBA has taken a toll on me as well)

“I wanted a day with 36 hours in it”

“I hope the marketing ppt I need to make is readily available in the first link in google search”

“That hot chick is mine since she belongs to me!!!”

“HR gals are awesome but their brains… they ha…umm…lets take it offline”

“I give zero fucks to you. Fuck off  saale”

The list goes on and on.

What is MBA without parties. Yes, parties…high time!!! You have them every now and then. First you have your class fresher party,  then the student cell party you are member of, then your roomies party, then your state party, then the gang party, then the party of your friend’s friend  and it goes on and on. An then there comes a day you have a party since you had a party long time ago.

Epic, isn’t it? MBA is all about epics…Now you must have understood why some B-schools teach Mahabharata and Ramayana. Simple, they are epics.

Party is fun, no pun intended. Now get ready for some serious stuff that would give you a 360 degree view with a top to bottom approach of a party culture (Yeah, this one is pun intended 😛 )

The party is at 8:30 PM. Yes, and at sharp 8:30 PM you walk into your bathroom to take a shower. C’mon, who has the time to take one in the morning when  the poor guy wakes up early in the morning with hardly 10 mins left for the class to start. Thank God, people atleast brush!

You reach the venue at 9:45 PM. And then you find there are bar tenders, the bouncer outside, who are more in number than the people invited. Yes, the invited ones slowly start coming in singles, couples, triples and what not!

Let us look at the different Party Animals.

Party CR: The one who takes the initiative of having a party since we had one long time ago. Poor guy…takes the difficult task of collecting money from the people very much willing to come to part 😛

Dancer Guy: This guy, by mistake, would have thought that the dance floor at the party is a Boogie  Woogie show with Javed Jafree waiting eagerly to repsond with his iconic PJs.  Boss, dance but don’t daaaaaaaaaaaanceeeeee! 

Silent Drinker: This guy comes into the party as a Non-drinker and silently sips the vodka or take down takila shots from the drinkers. These party animals sometimes leads to stoppage of drinks to drinkers.

Drunkard: These people just wait to get the golden kick and once they get, they are seen sleeping on the couch or on the friend’s shoulder or puking in the restroom.

PhotoGuy: This guy wants to capture the moments of the party but unfortunately becomes the party’s unofficial photographer

Poser: These party animals pose as soon as they realise they are in the frame of the camera. All they do in the party is to pose with the other party animals and make  The PhotoGuy’s life miserable.

Mobile wala: This guy is the smart one. With a mocktail or vodka in one hand and mobile in other hand, the guy shoots the party animals one after the other. The reason being the guy doesn’t know how to dance.

The Stalker: These party animals stalk at people in the party. They discuss on serious issues like why the length of her dress is short and cute, what does he do to get those muscles or what can be done to pose with the hot gals or boys in the party

The Why-am-I-here Guy: These party animals have come only because of the peer pressure and to prove the point – “Hey, I am also the part of the herd! let’s hangout and do some YoYo!!”

Jumping Japangaers: These party animals just jump around with their 2 to 3 steps that they know of and apply it to every song that is played. If they are out of steps, they simply jump on their feet, with hands both up in the air.

The Sutta Guy: This guy goes out every other ten minutes to get some fresh air. Hope you understand what I mean 😛

The Want-to-go-Home Guy: These animals have come as they were not in a position to say NO. They just come, sit, take a photo, pose for a photo, decline offers to dance, wont move an inch even after forcing to dance or shake the foot. They just want to go home…Mommmyyyy!!!

The Bunkers: These animals did not attend the party for reasons best known to them. But they keep a vigil on Whatsapp to see if any pictures of the party are posted.

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P.S. Still you feel you “feelings” are hurt, I guess its high time that you stop taking things seriously in your life. Ok! bahut gas maara, ab tho like maaro aur comment karo 😛 😉

P.P.S Still you are wondering why the link here is not working….Relax, there is no survey 😛


8 comments on “Party Animals!!!

  1. Lol…
    You got me at that Link Here thing…
    In between nice post…. 🙂

  2. Parth Gupta says:

    I have a call from NMIMS. Came across your blog whilst searching for why NMIMS. You are awesome writer yaar 🙂 … but alas i still dont have a concrete answer to ‘why MBA?’ or ‘why NM ?’. what should i be serving them ? help me out man ….

  3. Aman Jain says:

    Awesome posts (specially the ones tagged as Life @ MBA) ! Very well written..

  4. This read gave me a good laugh . Well written! 🙂

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