Meet of the Unknowns

Mar 5

NMIMS results declared

Mar 5 – 15

Lots of threads created and mostly city-based ones discussing and getting to know fellow DyNMites. One such thread was “Anyone from Hyderabad?”

And soon it turned to be one of the active commented thread on the group. And the obvious proposals like  “Get-Together”.

Mar 23

Finally people in Hyderabad  (we love to call ourselves as Hyderabadis) decided to meet up at Rendezvous Eat Street. A lot of messages were exchanged in FB group created exclusively for Hyderabadis about the meet. And everyone was excited to get to know people with whom they would spend the next two years.

 5 pm @ Eat Street

I entered Eat Street after being frisked and frisked for a minute by security.  Can’t help much…Yeah!! After effects of Feb-Diwali-celebrations by terrorists in Hyderabad. I met Sameera who was waiting at the Minerva Coffee shop. Formal greetings followed by How do you do, what do you do, what other calls, when will you resign for 5 long minutes. I was out of FAQ’s to a newly met person and then comes the awkward silence. The obvious thing I did was to take out my mobile and started to tickle my touch-screen in a random fashion. No wonder why mobile is called the Next Big Happening Thing in this millenium after Salman Khan.

Thanks to Sunil Mittal for his seamless Airtel signal, I received a call from KC. Sameera and I then met KC, Arpith and Abilash. Again the same set of FAQ’s by all followed by some more awkward silence. Later we walked the entire length of Eat Street looking for our new friends. Future Managers we are going to be, neither we had the contact numbers of people we are going to meet nor did we remember their faces/names correctly.

After 20 mins, everyone arrived and  we started to chat making the Eat Street a happening place today with our presence.  No longer did the awkward silence dared to come back to us. We got to know about each other. Wonderful group of people with varied interests and backgrounds.

We took a stroll on the Necklace road. I must not forget to mention the expressions of the boys gang when we realised where we would be going to take a stroll. A park surrounded with romantic couples spending their evenings. Non optional call, we moved ahead and took some good pics. Back to Eat Street again.

Again another session of chit chats and a resolution to meet up again. Who doesn’t want that???

Awesome group, isn't it???

Awesome group, isn’t it???

Some of the memorable, surprising and LOL moments @ Meet Up:

Pratheek turns towards gals and asks “Do any one of you drink?

KC – “I thought Arpith was a tall guy with 6 feet height!!!

Some one said to KC – “Passed out in 2009!! You had to get in this year anyhow!” to which I replied “Yeah, else we will be grilled next year – Why not executive MBA?

Pratheek announces that interest rate in SBH is 8.5%. Later clarified that it was only for him as his dad was working there.

Snigdha was too concerned about Who all would be joining NM finally?

Boat ride-  Arpith and I thought that the boat wouldn’t move.

Interview experiences

A man who runs to us to shoot a pic for all of us.

Romantic Couples

KC and I getting hyper emotional about SPJIMR 😛

Now, Counting starts for the next meet up 🙂


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