Wallet Lost. Found Compassion!

19 Jan 2013

 I boarded the 218 bus number from JNTU and my destination was NIMS Hospital bus stop. The bus was not that crowded and I was lucky enough to get a seat. After 10 minutes, the conductor arrived for punching the tickets. I took out my wallet and gave him a hundred rupee note. He punched a ticket of Rs.11 and gave back the change. I placed the notes in my wallet and held the wallet in my hand. I was chitchatting with other friend of mine who accompanied me till Mytri Vanam bus stop. All this while, the wallet was safe in my hands, and my hands on my backpack.

30 minutes passed.

My friend alighted at his stop and I took out my ‘dabba’ Nokia phone to check mails. All this while, the wallet was safe in my hands, and my hands on my backpack.

15 minutes passed .

The NIMS hospital bus stop was arriving. I placed the wallet in the backpack and zipped it. I stood at the back door waiting for the bus to stop. People were pushing each other at the door and I felt something heavy on my back. The bus stopped and I got down. I had to reach ABS, just behind NIMS.

5 minutes passed.

I was in ABS. I placed my backpack on my lap and was surprised to see its zip unzipped. Cautiously, I looked inside only to find my wallet missing. Suddenly there was upbeat in my pulse.

2 Credit cards, 2 debit cards, Rs 450 cash, 150 worth Sodexo coupons, few visiting cards and my PAN card. Everything stolen.

I immediately came out of ABS and dialed HDFC Phone Banking number. Seconds seemed to be like hours. After 10 hours, err..10 seconds, i am redirected to “Cards Lost” department and gave all my details to block my credit and debit cards. Thank God.

Now, i checked the number to block another set of cards. SBI walas. Shit! I neither had customer care number nor my card details. I hardly remember any of the details. I tried calling my friend’s mobile. No one picked up. Again, there was an upbeat of pulse.

5 minutes passed and I was busy brisking to and fro in front of a liquor shop and a medical shop, just side-by-side. Great Combo! Jokes apart, I tried redialling my friend’s number. Finally the busy tone on their mobile ensured me they were awake. I looked at my watch. 12.00pm, it was.

I called up my friend and he gave the idea of calling Just dial. I called them and they sent me SBI Life Care number. Aaahhh! I again called them to get the right number. I dialed it and a middle aged lady voice answered my call. I gave the details of my email, address, phone, DoB and work address.

She smiled and said, “ I understand your situation, but can you give me your credit and debit card numbers?

I was like What the f***k!!! I already told her about me not remembering any of the numbers of both the cards. Finally after  few minutes, she blocked my cards and applied for new ones.

Finally, the asshole who stole my wallet can only get the cash and not-so-worthy visiting cards. Then there were rats running in my stomach. I looked at my watch. 12:30 pm, it was.

I had three Rs 1 coins and two Rs 2 coins. Great! Rs. 7. A car stopped in front of the liquor shop. I went to him and explained my problem and asked for Rs 20. No change was the reply. Guess, I was in the wrong place. NIMS hospital area is famous for stories like…

“Wallet lost”,”Need to go to home but no money”, “need money to make a phone call”, “my brother died..have to take the body but no money” kind of stories.  And who’s going to believe mine?

Finally, I mustered up my courage and went to the bill counter of the medical shop. There was an old man with huge spectacles.  I narrated my story and he said, “ Beta! I don’t know who you are. But I will still give you Rs.20. Hope it might help a you if you are in genuine need.”

I said  a big thank you and boarded the bus back to my home. Finally, the day was adventurous and a great learning carried back.

I lost my wallet. But I found compassion!

P.S. I went back and gave him Rs.20 and thanked him. This would ensure he keeps on helping people who approach him with stories like mine which might be genuine unlike the car wala. Thanks Uncle for the help.


8 comments on “Wallet Lost. Found Compassion!

  1. Rickie says:

    Such a well narrated incident. I could feel your anxiety!
    Hope you returned to the old man at some point with a small gift of gratitude!


  2. ddeepa says:

    I just lost my wallet yesterday with my drivers licenses, credit and debit cards, health insurance cards, transport cards and hardly any cash and you have no idea how much I liked reading this! 🙂 Brought me some hope that gain some lose some! I hope you get back what belongs to you – one way or the other! and if you do have to lose, you get something even better!

    • I can understand what you have been through. Did anyone help you out? Glad you liked my post 🙂

      • ddeepa says:

        🙂 I ended up calling my husband! Here transport works with a transport card which is like a pre-loaded card! So I had to buy that and pre-load it! 🙂 That was the one thing to do before I could reach home! Ended up canceling all my cards and stuff. Went to the police station to log a report and then when I asked him do people really get their wallets back, he says ‘Well, wallets with $1000 have been returned, and wallets with $5 never make it back! It’s that whole karma thing!’ What do you say to that 🙂

      • You are optimistic and lodged a complaint with the police. I didn’t even do that as I was sure it won’t be returned even if found by ‘police’here 😛 I made sure all my cards are blocked and applied to get the new ones. Yes, of course it’s all that god damn karma thing. Hope you get back your cards 🙂

      • ddeepa says:

        Thanks 🙂 I’m not very hopeful though. The only reason I logged a complaint was, because a few friends here told me to get it done, because someone could use my ID to buy drinks and then who knows if they get caught in a drink and drive or something, or maybe register a marriage huh 😀

  3. madhuri says:

    From Now be careful 🙂 …. you have nice writing skills…. 🙂 🙂 wish you would become an author 🙂 🙂

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