WOW # 1 – “The Best thing in life is…”

The Best thing in life is…umm…hmmm…I think….aahh…the weekend time

 If your immediate response is “Yes…yes…indeed it is”, then you must be an IT employee working during weekdays, counting each day and wondering when Friday evening would come.

If your response is something like “What the @!#!#”, then you are either a non IT employee or an IT employee who is being made to work on weekends too!!

Yes, the answer ‘weekend time’ is a pathetic one to fit the blank for “The best thing in life is….”, but that is how things are at present. I believe that most of the working professionals, especially the ‘Hi-tech’ people, would get this first on their mind if asked to fill the blank.

Yes, the good old days are over forever. Welcome to 21st century!!! The days where you can go out for a dinner with the family on weekdays is a myth now. The “9 to 5” jobs are obsolete. The pleasure of having no pressure means that you are, probably, retired by now.

Now-a-days, we stay connected to our family via smart phones and social media. We go early to work only to return home late. We are in the times where life changes in seconds. May be this is why we switched to pay per second plans for our pre/post-paid mobiles. The time is running and we are in action to meet our deadlines. The paychecks are high and so are the add-ons like pressure, mental stress and extended timings.

I still remember the days when I came back to home from school by 4 pm and my dad from office by 6 pm.  Then we would go for a casual walk or to the market nearby to get the groceries. And now, what are we doing at 6 pm? Probably, having a client call with a lazy American or trying hard to interpret what the French guy is speaking on the other side of the phone. The children too are still stuck up in the school – tied to the benches with books on the desk. The school authorities call it ‘study hours’. Yes, we are living in the times where even a primary school student goes for the ‘IIT’ coaching classes.

The times have changed. Back then, most of us would have waited for the LTC trip (probably every two or three years) to visit a distant place. Right from the day dad/mom applies for LTC, we would start counting the days to begin the travel. We had ample time to spend, ample time to share our memories and ample time to relax and look at how our lives are shaping up. Now, LTC is now not being applied as either most of us now work in the private sector or we don’t have our children getting holidays for a week or two. The only time we can spend ‘quality time’ with our family is “The Weekend Time”

 You are still not convinced with the answer (Of course, I don’t force you to agree on this). In that case, a questionnaire awaits for you.

1. When do you get the time to wake up from your bed at 9 or 10 in the morning?

     a. Weekday  b. Weekend

2. When can you see your kids troubling your wife while they take their bath?

    a. Weekday  b. Weekend

3. When do you get to spend time and talk with your parents (mind it, not in a hurry) or take them for a regular health check-up?

    a. Weekday  b. Weekend

4. When can you teach your kids how to solve a problem in Math?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

5. When can you take your family out for a dinner or a shopping or a movie?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

6. When do you get ample time to talk to your girl friend during ‘day time’?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

7. When is that you will get time to “look” at your neighbor’s beautiful daughter?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

8. When do you get time to go for a casual walk with your loved one or your son/daughter?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

9. When is that you will get time to pursue your interests?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

10. When do you get the time to participate in wonderful contests like ‘WOW’ by Blog Adda?

   a. Weekday  b. Weekend

Having asked these questions, I am not here to provide scores based on how many a’s or b’s you get. This is not a questionnaire about the “Personality development” where in the ‘expert’ judges the respondent based on the scores he/she gets. This is a gentle reminder for you in case if you are missing on enjoying the subtle and simple things that you come across in your life. Next time, watch out for such things and enjoy the life. It’s not that these happen only during the weekends, but from my point of view, that is the best time to observe such simple things that bring great difference on how you look at your life. And hence for me, “The best thing in the life is The Weekend Time


This post is a part of  Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers  by BlogAdda


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