My First Valentine…

We all love to love others and get loved by them. It’s basic human nature.  Today on the eve of Valentines Day, my thoughts travel back to my childhood days and my first valentine. Yes, my first valentine at the age of 5 years.

I was in Anantapur when I was about 4 yrs. We stayed at All India Radio quarters in first floor. In the ground floor, right below us lived my first and best friend Vaishnavi. She is a Tamilian. She is a sweet girl and we used to always stay together. She used to study first standard while I was in UKG. We were in same school and travelled in the school bus sitting side by side. We really enjoyed each others presence. We always played together, read together, and at times take nap together under the banyan tree near our home. It’s one of the most memorable times I had in my life.

My other friends always teased us for staying together and they spread the news that we were in love (See how the little minds think at the age of 7 and 8 😛 ). In fact, that was the first time I came across the word “LOVE”. I don’t know the meaning of it then and I thought that we are in love as my friends were saying so. I even told her “I Love You” and she in turn said “I too Love You”. And this was how she became my first valentine of my life. The first kiss of my life was given to Vaishnavi, my first valentine, on the last day of my first standard half-yearly exams. The days were going great with Vaishu beside me and playing together in the ground, in the fields and around the banyan tree.

But this happiness didn’t last too long. The final exams came and with it, the summer holidays too. I left Anantapur and came to Vizag to visit my grand parents. I returned back after a month and I was shocked to know that Vaishnavi’s dad got transferred to Coimbatore. I never saw her again in my life. I missed her very much. May be, she too. This was how my first (last till date) Valentine ended in a bit of tragedy.

This is the story of my first Valentine and I am still single :P. I think everyone has their first Valentine in their life at some stage or the other. What’s your first valentine story?


15 comments on “My First Valentine…

  1. chiru says:

    abbabba..sunil…its touching re!!
    in fact I dint remember anything wich happened at the age of 5..

  2. Satya says:

    What about your second Valentine??? ;)…

  3. Satya says:

    When you going to write about her???? 😉

  4. Varaprasad says:

    U r 1st valentine story is really awesome….very few ppl will have such a everlasting tragedy….ofcourse I am the one in those very few….Hope if god wishes so, U might meet u r vaishnavi soonly………..

  5. Sai Kishore says:

    sunil.. it’s really touching one..

  6. rohini says:

    Its a cute luv story sunil……….cho chweeeeeeeeeet………….

  7. sunshine says:

    It’s a surprise to me that you had something to cherish about your friendship with Vaishnavi at a tender age.Lucky boy!

  8. hiteshkhapre says:

    Hi sunil…its really a heart touching valentine story ….I also had my first valentine, but not at such a small age ….lets hope for gettin our valentine…:):)

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