Sony Cybershot W210 – A Review

I always had the passion of taking photographs. I used to take it using my mobile Nokia 6233 which is 2MP and of course has its own limitations. I thought of buying a digi cam and I started searching the Sony website. I found what all features I want in the form of W210. It’s a masterpiece and if you want to experiment a lot in taking photos or just have the passion in clicking your beautiful memories to keep them for lifetime, go for it with out any second thought. And its only 9490 INR*. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Exciting Features:

It comes with all the latest features available in the market today and that too at a really affordable price. Let us take a tour on different features it has.

With 12.1 MP and 4x optical zoom, you can make wonders. Also Crystalline clarity LCD screen to view the photo immediately after you take a snap.

Comes with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens which is an exceptional optical solution that gives you the crisp imaging detail and vivid colour reproduction.

BIONZ Image Processing Engine suppresses colour and luminance noise, giving you enhanced colour reproduction, rich tonal graduations and an amazing clarity of detail. The way you see it with eyes is reflected in the pics you take it.

Takes off your difficulty to select a mode in clicking a pic. It automatically selects the mode in which the pic can be best captured
Each of the Scene Selection mode has pre-set settings that allow you to select the optimal configurations for your image with just a touch of your finger. The various scene selection modes are: Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Soft Snap ,Snow,  Beach, Fireworks, High Sensitivity, Underwater, Gourmet

Smile Shutter enables you to click your happy moments. It automatically snaps pictures only when the person is smiling. You can take up to 6 six pictures one after the other simultaneously when the person is smiling. Another asset to W210

Face Detection technology that will automatically adjust the focus, exposure, white balance and also flash control on multiple faces in a single shot.

Support – Battery NP-BG1, Battery charger BC-SCG, Multi connector (USB/AV out), wrist strap and a PMB software to upload photos and videos to your system.

What are they giving with W210??

It is the basic nature of a customer to get something as a free one in addition to what he pays . And Sony just knows what a customer wants.It gives a pouch and a memory stick. Kool…

This soft carrying case helps protect digital camera. It’s compact and lightweight making it convenient to travel with our digi. This costs about 290 INR*
Sony 4 GB memory stick worth 1250 INR*. Gives a hell lot of storage space for you to take large no photos or videos when you go on a long trip.

Working of W210:

If you ask me how this works, I say “Simply superb and a rocking one”. The photos taken by W210 are of phenomenal difference when compared photos taken by digicams of other companies at this price level. The battery back up is also very good, lasting more than a day. I took  about 250 to 275 pics mostly in program mode. The battery time may also increase if you use in auto mode. It also depends upon other factors like viewing pics, shooting videos, on & off of cam, using zoom , flash and modes that takes more battery power like twilight portrait. I am satisfied with the battery back up.

Let me show you some of the pics I snapped with W210. I normally use program mode all the time as i love to adjust my digi  as i like while taking pics rather than allowing it to take decisions 😛  Some pics here are taken with twilight portrait and macro mode too.

Finally, what do I say???

Just go for it. It is a rocking model and I am sure that you will be completed satisfied with its performance and the way it shoots the photos with great clarity. I am 200 percent confident that this sweeps your feet off the floor if you use it. 200 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

At the end of the day, it’s not only the cam that matters but  your attitude also counts. It’s you who play a major role in shaping your digi to take a great shot that keeps your memories fresh for lifetime.

By the way…how are the pics shot with my digi???

* Rates may vary from place to place.These rates are in Sony World, Sony authorized dealer in Visakhapatnam.


One comment on “Sony Cybershot W210 – A Review

  1. Haider Ali says:

    Hey i am using Sony W210 But when ever i press MACRO button it give a Caution that MACRO IS INVALID and it never turn on MACRO. I always need to take closeups as i do business of artificial jewellery and for that MACRO mode is necessary. if anyone know how to turn it on or on which specific mode it will turn on Please let me know as soon as possible. My email id is *”

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