Why celebrate Republic Day???

Today is our Republic Day. I have seen flag hosting and patriotic songs sung everywhere. The electronic media was trying to spread the importance of this day in their very “own style”. The newspapers, which I’ve seen in the morning, were completely flooded with anecdotes of important events in the 60 years of Republic India. Yes, this is all on one side of the coin. But on the other side, the very thought of “Why celebrate Republic Day???” haunted me the entire day.

Don’t get carried away by the opinion that I have no respect towards my motherland, India. I do have, in abundance. But today, there was something new in my thought process on Republic Day.

I thought, “What made us celebrate this day as our Republic Day?” Well, the obvious answer was: The Republic Day of India commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into implementation to rule ourselves. The date 26 January was chosen to honour the memory of the “Declaration of Independence of 1930” from the British Rule.

Then, I thought “Why did British invade India and rule us for about 200 years?” Well, a long line of reasons stood before me and this was what I felt the most relevant one : The basic reason for British to conquer India is the wealth we had and so by invading us, they can get hold on our wealth and hence make British, the most powerful country in the world.

Then, I thought ”What was the driving force behind such a thought of invading India?”  The answer was:  By invading India and conquering it, they showed to the world , the  patriotism towards their country.

Good. But, I thought “If this very patriotism was not there, then British would not have conquered India and we would not have fought for 200 long years. Thousands of people would not be  killed in the process of gaining our Independence, be it through Gandhain way or the other way – violence. A common man could have lived happily with out any fear. The root cause for the unfortunate history we had before us was mainly due to patriotism.

For example, Let us take India and Pakistan. It was always a tug of war. Neither Pakistan nor we took steps with utmost dedication to establish peace. We don’t want our egos to get hurt. We have a lot of patriotism in our blood that makes us feel “We are no-where inferior to Pak and we will make it listen to what we speak”. The same would be the feeling on India by the people of Pak. The root cause is again “The Patriotism”

I felt that this patriotism is the cause for all the violence in the world. Be it Kargil war or World wars or any war that was fought on earth. It was for the very own sake of our ego satisfaction or to show the patriotism we have on our motherland.

One great soul once said “The world is at peace when the patriotism is removed from the heart of each and every human being on this earth

At the end of the day,What you think mostly matters??? So,What’s your take???

P.S Article was written in the night , when I was not getting sleep because I wanted to share this thought of mine with you all 🙂 Now I think I can sleep happily 🙂


4 comments on “Why celebrate Republic Day???

  1. Mohan says:

    Good question and a nice summation of thoughts. Well, to answer that question, I think it is a must for any person to feel proud about something he belongs to as well as to build a competitive ecosystem. If there is no competition, we will be on a stand still. That is one thing that makes humans far superior when compared to other creatures. So, It is good to have the patriotism feel. A feel towards better mankind.

  2. Tarun says:

    Sunil…I wrote almost similar article early morning today…but I took it to constitution…Kudos..somewhere…though i am a patriotic person somewhere i heard “Patriotism is the virtue of the wicked”

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