I miss U my dear friend :(

During my college days, there were many friends to hangout, chit chat or do whatever we liked to. But since May 1st, the day I finished my graduation, I was completely surrounded by dead silence. No more bunks and hangouts. No chit chats drinking tea in the college canteen. No classes at all, let alone SMS’s during class hours. No last minute assignment submission or late coming to labs. No more waiting at the Xerox shop to photocopy the materials just the day before the exam. But, there was one who always stood by me, made those sweet and sour memories come back to me. There was only one who could do that. And it’s my blog. My dear blog!

My Blog is a witness to my engineering life (although not completely, but to the most part of it). The blog was always there for me to share my thoughts, my happy moments, my sorrow, and most importantly, it is always with me to bring back those memories to life. During the days of lively-deadly* phase of life, my blog was there for me. It inspired me to write down my thoughts, my feelings; thus driving away the darkness around me and filling it with bright colors.

Today, I have many blogger friends, who are highly thought-provoking. It is due to my very own blog. If any one asks me, “what’s your best accomplishment so far?” I would simply say, writing this blog. It always inspired the way I think, the way I see and in fact the whole “me”. I am so much addicted to this that one of my favorite hobbies is now reading blogs in Indi-blogger. Probably, I can say that reading blogs has given me an opportunity to explore life. There is something or the other that I learnt from reading each post.

And now the time has come to stay away from my dear friend for about 15 days. I am going to Bengaluru to appear for CAT exam. I may return in the first week of December. But I promise you that I will share my experiences with you once I return to Vizag. Till then, I miss you buddy 😦

* The phase I am now going through is one of the best as well as one of the worst phases of my life. At times, I enjoy the way I am living, just doing everything the way I want. And at times, silence killed me. Waiting for joining orders from TCS added chilies’ and pepper to my miserable condition. So I fondly named this phase as “Lively-Deadly” phase of my life 😛


6 comments on “I miss U my dear friend :(

  1. Mohan says:

    hey that is nice to know.. All the best for belling the CAT. There was a free set of practice tests for the current online format with coupon code on my blog sometime back. See if that help you now for any last minute preparations.

    Yes, blogging is truly a great medium to express your thoughts and to speak up your mind. I have personally learned a lot over these 3+ years of blogging. Look forward to hear from you when you are back.

  2. Mohan: Ya.. sure Mohan. Thanks. Will definitely write my experiences 🙂

  3. swathisharma says:

    nice one yaa

  4. MrBarns says:

    Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

  5. Hello Mr Barns. Thanks! You can do that by simply writing your email id in the “Wana Hear to What I speak???” and click the sign me up button. That way, you can get what all I post in my blog directly to your mail id immediately.. Have a happy reading 🙂

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