2 0 1 2 – Movie Review

Well, if you ask me what is the most speculated and the most discussed issue among masses. I simply say “Is 2012 going to be the end of the world?”

Of course, there were speculations ranging from Mayans to Global Warming. Anyhow I am not here to propaganda any of these speculations or discussions. This post is exclusively to express my views on the movie “2012” directed by Roland Emmerich.

Get ready to face it

Get ready to face it!!!

“Trailer was a master piece!!” , I must say. The trailer made me go to the theatre and watch the movie. I was completely amazed with the post production work. This is truly a movie to be on the watch list to the fans of the Hollywood visual effects.

The movie starts with the scientists discovering that there is going to be rapid changes all over the world in near future. So the G-8 nations start building ships to rescue themselves. And the movie turns to be exciting from the time the main character Jackson Curtis, played by John Cusack, comes in. The scenes of the massive destruction of California followed by the volcanic explosion at the Yellow Stone National Park makes your eye not to blink even for a moment. Jackson’s family flight take-offs’ in the movie keep you on your toes. Adrian Helmsley, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, gave a good support to the movie by playing his role in the movie to the fullest. Also, the tsunami scenes were good towards the end of the movie, giving a perfect end to the visual effects in the movie. The heroic stunt by Jackson in the end puts up a smile on your face. The movie was rather a bit of disappointment as it lacked a bit of story telling even though it had a great potential in it.

One can completely stay connected to the movie as the scenes are truly awesome. But when you think of them after watching the movie, you will get to know the flaws. The movie completely concentrates only on US, China and Europe governments and not their citizens. All citizens were shown died in the calamities. The government personnel and richest people were shown rescued. As in every Hollywood movie, the destruction starts in California moves to Los Angeles and reaches to White house. Unlike the other movies where President saves the day, there is a bit of change in this. The President stays with the people and he dies in the huge tsunami that completely removes North America from the world map. In spite the movie starts with an Indian scientist finding that the world is coming to an end, he is not rescued, let alone other Indians.  The way the story is told could have disappointed people watching with great expectations. The humanity and the nerve breaking decisions in the end make people feel that the movie is dragging. But I felt that they added sense to the no-sense movie at last. If they were not there in the movie, may be I may not write this review.

Roland Emmerich tried to focus only the destruction sequences, which were splendid and of course the back bone of the movie. But if he could have concentrated a bit more in the emotions of the people, the feeling of humanity and the way the story goes, it would have fetched more decent feedback from the audience.

The movie is like a preview of our death in case if the speculations were solidly true. The post production work may fetch one or two Oscars for this movie. On the whole, it’s a bit disappointment from the fact that it had some much potential in it. But a feel good movie and I recommend watching it once on big screen.

P.S People in the theatre started clapping when Adrian says emotionally about the Indian Scientist. Even some clapped for the tsunami scene in which Indian scientist and his family gets drowned.  😐


4 comments on “2 0 1 2 – Movie Review

  1. geniusoid says:

    lol @ the Indian part. The irony of it all is the way the US of A has dominated the “we saved the world” scenario. Its really sad that the movie has grossed so much even in India, inspite of the fact that though an Indian discovers the phenomenon, not even a single one is saved…but rich fat foreigners find their way out!

  2. @ geniusoid: Yup, thats true. No Indian rescued in the movie even though we are the ones who discovered what is going to come. The dialogue the Indian scientist says, ” My friend, New Delhi was never a part of your rescue.” , was heart touching. And he also gives info on the gigantic tsunami 🙂

  3. Mohan says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but my colleagues suggested me to skip 🙂

    That is so funny… the love theme in Titanic went on pretty good there. But in this movie, there seem to be a total disaster in fitting a love story… What more, the pole shift story was totally funny it seems!

    I liked your idea of reaching tibet at minimal cost 😀 Nice to know you!

  4. @Mohan: Good to see you. You can watch the movie once. And only once 😛 Pole shifting is one of the conventional Hollywood stunts in the movie:)

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